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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Butler University 

IndianapoliSj Indiana 

Volume 103 

S/ucfen/ jBife 


KJompus Urc/inizah'ons 

PA G E 6 6 




P A G E ^ 6 

^iucfeni iPor/raih 

P -4 G E 1 3 6 

P /\ 6 E 1 6 9 

Not all of the times of your life will be 
it: a lot of time goes into the normal 
with life: waking up, showering, mak- 
needed coffee; going to class, study- 
seeing the required speaker for your 
times that really live on in our 
memories, however, are the times 

that never really meant that much in a formal sense: The first 
college party. The realization that quarters are a gift from the 
laundry god. The college date. The homecoming game where 
you tried to hide your drunk friends from your parents. The 
homecoming game where you 
tried to hide your drunk self from 
adventure; the breathless escapes 
dances, the visiting entertainers, grill- 
just sitting down and having a long 
met. These things are the mo- 
ments that make college worth 
something; regardless of the 

knowledge (which, really, you could learn anywhere, with enough 
effort) you learned, and the time you spent cramming, it is the 
personal experience that made it all worthwhile. And so while 
this time is yet another mass pro- 
duction of just another University... 
it has been to live in the few short 
May 1999, here in the hidden heart 
here in that place which we have 
University. These are the lives of the 
laughed, loved and learned, and to 


worth remembering. Face 
occupations of just going on 
ing that cup of much- 
ing for that stupid exam, 
English professor. The 

your parents. The downtown 
from BUPD, the formal 
ing out with your friends, or 
talk with someone you just 

we have tried to capture what 
months of August 1998 to 
of the city of Indianapolis, 
come to call 'home'... Butler 
men and women that lived, 
them it is dedicated. 


Portraits caught in time of the people and places we knew. 

Serene pond 

The serene pond of Holcomb Gardens 
glistens of snow and ice from a winter's 
freeze as it blurs the reflections of its 
tranquil surroundings. 

Heading to class 

unior Jeremy Envart heads through the 
book store towards Jordan Hall for 
classes. During spring, the book store 
expansion closed off its north exit. 

"I love Butler because 
it's a small school in a 
big city. You get the 
best of both worlds." 
-- Laurie Bowman 

"What I like most about 
Butler is the size. The 
fact that 1 can put a face 
to names makes the 
school feel like a more 
personable place. Be- 
ing so far from home 
and seeing a smiling 
face of a stranger makes 
me happy." 
— Elizabeth Miyashiro 

"Butler has a beutiful 
campus and I love the 
atmosphere. It is the 
perfect size for me, not 
to small, but not to big. 
The only problem I see 
with Butler is that I 
may have had too good 
of a time." 
— Chris Broshears 

"I love Derby Days be- 
cause whether you are 
at the cook-out, volley- 
ball tournament, queen 
contest, or the party you 
are bound to have a 
good time." 
-- Allison Lightner 

Gettin' Jiggy with Geoffrey Not Niagara 

Brooke Shinnamon and Malachi The mini-waterfalls in front of 

Gillihan listen to President Bannister Gallahue& what used to be known as 

during his turn at the board game the Holcomb Building (now CBA - 

"Catch Phrase" in the C-Club dining R.I. P. Mr. Holcomb) add a certain 

,irca beauty to our campus. 

^^ jich Dut: 

\l the Lambda Chi Alpha Watermelon 
Bust, be ready to got wet and sticky from 
umdreds ol watermelons. 

Kcalh , this is harder than it looks. 
lunior Irank lackson dangles a donut in 
I ol Freshman Nick Sproull during 
.me ot the manv Freshman Weekend ac- 
tivities, which is sponsored by ^MCA. 
BLPD arrived at the scene moments later. 



( N G D A N C E 


Butler student Janai Downs takes 
her partner out for a spin. 

...and Turnin' 

Marissa Ranos and her dance 
partner put down the funk. 

"It was just a blast!" 

exclaimed Vanessa Stowers 

after the event. Her partner. 

Tanner Hronek, and she danced 

the night away at the SGA- 

sponsored event. 

...and the Band played On 

Who could swing dance with- 
out the right music? The local 
band 'Jumpin' Jive' played for 
the crowded Reilly Room 


"Stepping originated from Afri- 
can culture and is predominanth' 
used bv African-American fra- 
ternities and sororities. We prac- 
ticed for weeks to show Butler 
what 'stepping' is about. We en- 
joyed it!" (1-r) Sheronn Burrow, 
Angela Allen, Delia Askew, 
Kendra Vinson. 

The Funny man 

Comedian jamique performs for 
Butler students in the Reil 
Room. REACH members origi- 
nally saw his act at the .National 
Association of Campus .-Xcitxities. 

TheHolcomb Observatory rests Those driving to Butler from 46th 

in the background as two stu- St. can see Jordan Holcomb & 

dents relax on the Star Fountain, Gallahue, as v\ ell as this toun 

located in the mall. tain. 

Crossing the bridge 

Two local walkers cross a bridge, 
leaving the canal walkway and 
entering the Holcomb Gardens. 

The Bulldog 

The stone bulldog guards 
Atherton Union by day and night. 
The bulldog was a gift of the 
Butler class of 1996. 


The Amercian Flag flies high be- Friendly and colorful flowers 

hind the fountains near Lilly Hail. greet visitors at the gates of 

Holcomb Gardens. 

The fountain in Holcomb Pond 
mists the Bell Tower atmosphere 

Scenic Reflection 

iu'hind Robertson Hall is the 
newlv added glass window & 
stone patio. With this added 
beauty, we see Butler students' 
tuition money hard at work. 




ha Kates, Jasmin 
lony Akers take a 
ing a night of Cosmic 

Shake it up! The Mr. Butler candidates tr\ to outshine 
each other during the dance competition. Each contes- 
tant danced and answered questions for the judges in 
their quest for the prestigious first-year Mr. Butler title. 

Sophomore lady in red Nicole Cothern is eyed by Junior Nick 
Bondi before the Delta Gamma Winter Formal. 

Tarzan-a Sophomore Meghan McMahon takes a wild ride 
over the waters of West Virginia on Fall Alternative Break. 

^ ^ " V-'iii^^fcM 







r Jftj 

Cheese! Sigma Chi's and their dates stop for a photo break at the 
IQ Sigma Chi alumni dance. 

Wonder Woman Kelly Huser rounds up the bad 
guys on Halloween. 

Just lounging around 

DG members Dana Hipp & Karmin Sprunger relax on a couch 
in their room. 

r ^ 

In Training. Sophomore Josh Harrison prepares tor the IronMan 
Triathalon by running up and down the Bell Tower stairs with 
Sophomore Anne Tucker on his back. 


ft. ^ % 

Bid Day Peek-a-boo 

Kappa members, Tara Deters & 
Laura Adams peek out of a snow 
bank created bv earlv January 
snow storms during Rush Week.. 

Members of the Butler Band tra\elled to Clemson 

to support the men's basketball team in the Elite 
Eight game of the National Invitational Tourna- 

On the mall 

A shantN' welcomes students to 
Shant\Town during the campus 
Hunger & Homelessness Week. 

Hanging out at the Phi Psi house 

.Alpha Chi's watch "Hope FUiats" with Tim Kriill 
at the Phi Psi houso. 

Spike! Phi Psi Seniiir BilK Bradlex spikes one home Ji 
Chi Derb\- Da\s \olle\ ball tournament. 

"Slow down!" says Meghan Boots to Brian Dodge and 
.Amy \'est during Phi Psi's night out at the ice rink. 

"We're trying to stud\ " explain ^^j hi res .\nd\' 
Backs iSi Kate Tennemanas the\ >tud\ Ut tinalson the 
Kappa Alpha Theta lawn. 


\^OMZeOM 9 N q 


(left to right) Angela Allen, Tanika 
Scott, and Kendra Vinson march 
with their sorority banner (Sigma 
Gamma Rho) outside the game. 

The Queen.. 

Emilv Glatfelter, representing 

the women of Delta Gamma, 

was crowned the 1998 Butler 

Homecoming Queen. 

Look, Another Posed Shot! 

The Thetas pose. ..again. 

"Hurry, let's get a picture in front of the band!" 

Stacey Armbrecht and Meghan McMahon pose 
for a quick pic moments before an assasin 
disguised as a trombone player took out several 
innocent bystanders. The assialant was eventu- 
ally identified as the UBTP, aka "Unidentified 
Trombone Plaver." BUPD refused to comment. 



V — W 


Unleash the Dawg! 

The Kapp.i Alpha Theta house 
displays their pride prior to the 
judging for the lawn decs con- 

..and King 

lohn Horvath was crowned the 
1998 Butler Homecoming King, 
■epresenting the men of the Phi 
Kappa Psi house. 

Yeah, so I'm bitter. Sue me. 







(l-r) Jill Spinozzi, Chris Boone, 
Heather Rees, and Kirsten Klopp 
take a break from their card game. 

ButlertrackrunnerLauren karc 
grabs a seat in the shade. 

Several pledges of the Theta Levester Johnson goes retro at 
House line up to play a rousing the SGA awards banquet, 
game of "Pin the Tail on the Don- 


Latisha Kates gets her groove on. 

(l-r) Andrew Jones, Elizabeth 
Gross, Meghan Searles, and Katie 
Muhammud Ali catch some shut- 
e\e at an impromtu sleepo\'er. 

\1ari\ Hardv reveals her true 
LharaLter at a formal dance. 


Hit the road. Jack! 

Freshman Nick SprouU belts out a toon 
as he portrays Jack from "Jack & the 
Beanstalk". Nick's lead \ocaIs helped 
the Phi Psi's and DCs \v\n first place. 

Once Upon 
a Time 

sponsored by YMCA 

Final Results: 

Ut -Phi Psi / Delta Gamma 
2nd - Sigma Nu / Alpha Phi 
3rd - Lambda Chi / Schwitzer 

Other Awards 

Banner - Phi Psi / DG 
Spirit - Phi Psi / DG 
Ori;^iualiU/ - Phi Psi / DG 
Miifiaility - Phi Psi / DG 

One, Singular Sensation . . . 

The women of Alpha Phi and the men ol 
Sigma Nu perform on stage during Spring 
Sing. The pair finished second place in 
the competition. 

1 won't grow up! 

A group of women from Kappa Alpha 
Theta perform alongside ResCo'soneand 
only. Big AU/l/ZciiMcNftT). Their act wa-. 
a rendition of Peter Pan relating to the 
theme of Spring Sing "Once Upon a 

Molly doesn't know 

Alpha Chi's Jen Vrahec & Molly Baker 
put on a smile and a song at this year's 
Spring Sing. 



Smashing Baby! Alison Murphx' and 
Amy Vest of Alpha Phi perform their 
Austin Powers-inspired skit at Geneva 
Stunts. The Phi's and Hampton House 
practiced for weeks fine-tuning their 
shagadelic' skit. 

Bring in the Fern Bots! " 
The Alpha Phi-em Bots seduce the crowd 
with their high 'cal-i-ber' (it's a hom- 

'"^ou're breaking my back" screams 
Mandv Blackmon to Phi Psi losh AK'l 
duringCenevaStunts The Phi Psis were 
paired up with Schwitzor and Resco 


These guys are beautiful! 

Male students pose as female beauty con- 
testants after being hypnotized by Dr. 
Wand. Like other Contemporary Enter- 
tainment events, the night was full ot 
laughs and a great success! 

Mandy Blackmon twirls the night awa\ 
at the Suitcase Dance sponsored by thi 
Junior Class. "1 think the Suitcase Danct 
is a great idea and it is sad that more 
people don't take advantage of the awe 
some opportunity" said Blackmon. 

"Good one Shaggy!" 
Butler students give Scooby two Scooby 
Snacks in order to obtain a photo with 
him during SGA's & Program Board's 
King's Island trip. 

"Baby, you'ie looking good tonight" 
says Junior Chad Martin to the micro- 
phone as he attempts to make-out with il 
on the Reillv Room stage. Program Board 
brought in a professional hypnotist li' 
put students in a trance (including Chad.) 


On the rocks 

Senior Sam Strohl hikes uninhabited ter- 
ritory near the ocean in Cancun, Mexico. 
SGA sponsored the spring break trip to 

-^^"^ -^ 


Elected through a process of 
petition, campaign, and 
student votes, SGA works 
with a budget of over $230,000 
to pro\ide entertainment, 
ultura! di\'ersitv, and funding 
for campus groups and 
students in genera 

Program Board 

\\ orkmg a> a branch ot SC.A. 
Program Board plans e\ents 
such as skv-di\'ing excur- 
sions. Spring Weekend, and 
on-campus speakers and 

Playing cards 

Students take a break from dancing and 
plav cards at the Suitcase Dance held in 
the West Gvm. 

Gestic Theatre 

.■\ctors from the traveUinj; group Ceslic 
Tlieatre act out a scene deaUng with ho- 
mosexual orientation. The group ran a 
program with skits and discussions con- 
cerning diversity issues for a group of 
students in Jordan Hall 141. The event 
was sponsored by SGA. 

Strike!!! Latisha Kates -i.u 
everyone around knows of her great 
bowling skills during a Cosmic Bowling 

night out. 


The Mr. Butler competition ends 

Ste\ e Novak, Brent Rockwood, Jeff 
M\cek, Nathan Perdue, B] Blanchette, 
Nate Deaton, Sherrard Allen, Neil 
Wmdegnft & Cutler Armstrong pcise 
after the awards cerenion\' 

"We're Lost" 

Vlarcv Hill, Campus Information Em- 
ployee, helps out two lost students (Peter 
Kuester & Brian Dodge) who need to find 
their way to the Student Affair's Office 

Sometimes he's goody goody 

Senior Andrew Jones shows his Butler 
spirit during the 1st Annual Mr. Butler 

Emcees of the evening 

Juniors Clay La w,son and Kellv Schneider 
emcee the Mr. Butler Competition held m 
the Reillv Room. 


Meeting Time 

Cara Koch, Ann Hrivnack, Rosanne Cull, 
Kim Sterling, Brooke Benedette & Marcv 
Hill prepare for their bi-\\eeklv Campus 
Information Center meeting. Schedules 
were re-arranged at each meeting to fit 
the student workers' busv lives. 

L nil) Quilt 

The 1998 L'nit\' Quilt turned out wonder- 
ful thanks to all of the participating 
organizations. The purpose of the L'nit\' 
Quilt is to show the unitv (hence the 
name ot the quilti between nil campus 



Please excuse the 

inconvenience during 

construction and help 

us by using alternate 



Alternate Entrances? 

.\le\ Lee works hard at the campus con- 

Ouch! How can 1 excuse that inconvc 

\ enience store during the first semester. 

nience!' .And do Ihev reallv need to niak 

Second semester .Xramark performed a 

such a private ordeal so public!" 

mutinv and look over the store. 



Sharing the holiday spirit 

? members of the Volunteer Center rnv^ 
bells downtown on Monument Circle io 
support the Salvation Army. During the 
holidays, the Volunteer Center offers 
opportunities to serve the communitv. 

Bulldog in the classroom 

Sophomore Megan Huisingh takes a 
break during her "Bulldogs Into the 
Streets" assignment. 

In the jungle 

lunior Aaron Culp and Freshman left 
Cragun stand amidst an Indianapolis 
jungle during "Bulldogs Into the Streets" 
which took place on August 2bth, 1998. 

Helping out a good cause 

A young boy gets e\dted about donalm; 
money to theSalvation .Arm\' which help: 
the less fortunate in tmies of need. 


Meal Time 

(1 to r) Juniors Ellen Stelk, Marc>' Hill, 
Shanna Souter, & Karen Capper cuddle 
up during a Fall Alternative Break lunch. 




From October 14-18, But- 
er Lni\'ersit\" students 
travelled to Pipestem 
National Park in 
Pipestem, West X'irginia 
to \olunteer their time 
and ettorts to the less for- 
tunate. The davs were 
ong, but thev enjoved 
themseh'es and the en\'i- 
ronment that surrounded 
"lem at the same time. 

Gorgeous West \irginia 
The mountains ot West \irginia provide 
the background to a Kodak moment of a 
tew waterfalls. 

Enjoying the scenerj' 

Shanna Souter & Marcv Hill stand atront 
of the fall trees of West \irginia. 

"This water is cold!" savs Junior Frank 
lacksonwhilecrossinga river in Pipestem. 
West \'irginia. 


Aboard the Titanic 

Commuter Josh Masariu is Ufted to i l 
semble the movie Titanic during the Del I 
Gamma Anchor Splash. 


Llthough commuters 

live off-campus, thev still 
make a difference on 

Commuters are more 
independent; they do not 
relv on Aramark for food 
or someone else to clean 
their house, they rely on 
themselves. On this page 
are photos that capture 
some commuters in action 
and some of the problems 
thev face on campus. 

Green gold for Butler 

Although there is room for a car to park, 
there is no asphalt to house that car dur- 
ing the day. BUPD prides itself in giving 
parking tickets to those cars who must 
park on campus to go to class or Iheir 
homes, but do not have a parking spot to 
park in. With the numerous parking 
tickets seen on windshields every day, 
t't's hope that Butler spends this monev 
on new parking spaces (that mav just be 
too logical, though). 

Parking Alternatives 

Tvs'o students who paid SIO each for their 
Butler parkmg permits fmd themselves 
parking on a private basketball court on 
campus to avoid paying $25 for a ticket. 

Anchors away 

Commuter Chad Stroud beciimes 
an anchor to impress the judges of A 
chor Splash. 


Back Flip 

Commuter Josh Masariu performs a 
backflip with the assisstance of fellow 
commuters during the 1998 Anchor 

Parking Chaos 

With increasing enrollment, parking 
hpaces become scarce throughout the days 
at Butler. Current and future expansion 
of campus buildings may be leading But- 
r into a parking disaster. Butler must 
begin searching for a solution to the cam- 
pus parking problem and soon! 

1 love photosl" >ay5 Commuter Laura Commuter Bannister 
I lacker as she makes a visit to the Alpha Well, he docs commute doesn't he 
I'hi house. 


Cup Ban 

Men Lit Ross Hall head to a meeting i 
their business attire discussing the 
campus banning of athletic cups. 

The Ladies of Spring Sports 

Okav, so niavbe thev don't live in Ros 

but surelv thev visited once or twice. 

"You betta recognize!" 

say three Ross Hall men seconds before 
kicking the camera person's ass. 

"Salad good" 

sav tivo men of Ross 1 1 
to another class mate. 

Ross Hall 



Two Schw'itzer room 
mates show off their 
clean room to trick-or- 
treaters during 
Halloween. Their cos- 
tumes: Batman & 
Robin (they need 
some work, though). 


Everyone loves a Slinky 

Senior Jodi Coomes works her Slink\ and at the Schwitzer front desk. 

W*x ^. 

* Un the move 

' Sara Kaschc & Elizabeth Leago, two 
Schwitzer ladies with places to go and 
people to see. head off to the C-club. 

linals. Dead Ahead! 

Ihree Schwit/er women studv on the 
.;r,iss ne\t to Schwitzer. 


Faculty-in-Residence Anne Wilson & 
Will "Crusher" Cruz pose with 
Resident Assistant Cutler Armstrong. 

The Three Blind Mice won the costunu 
contest at the RHA Halloween Dance in 
the ResCo Cafeteria. The 3 pimps are led 
by Jason "SugaFoot" Davidson (far left). 

ResCo RA's exchange "Secret Santa" gifts 
at Christmas time. Chris Hintz watches 
as Telecommunications major Jason 
Davidson opens his gift of VHS tapes. 

Ultimate Frisbee 

Students play a pick-up game of 
Ultimate Frisbee on the mall next to 
Residential College. 

Pizza Pizza! 

Jen Bougher & Renee Woodard (I to r) 
enjoy homeade pizza at Anne Wilson & 
Wil Cruz's Faculty-in-Residence apart- 
ment in ResCo. 


Bad Dawgs 

Melanie Carter, Hollv Brooks, Angle 
Carbonerro, & Kelly Carroll support the 
Bulldogs in Chicago at the MCC Men's 
Basketball Conference Championships. 

To the bash 

Hampton Housers Hollv Brooks, Jennine 
Elardo, Beth Moran, Laura Fox, & Angle 
Carbonerro make a public relations visit 
to hang out at Wabash College. 

Frank Jackson Day 

.Alpha Chi s iSj the Flampton House learn 
up to protess their true love tor Frank 
ackson at the Alpha Chi Frisbee Fling. 

Open House '98 

Hampton House held its annual Open 
House in the fall. Gathered around Prom 
King Frank lackson are (I to r) Allison 
Liechty, Holly Brooks, Kellv Carroll, Jes- 
sica Mahood (front 1 to r) lennine F.lardo, 
& lana Sizemore. 

\Vc all scream for ice cream . . . 
,it the Hampton House ice cream social. 
Posing for the ice cream publicitv ad are 
(1 to r) Hollv Brooks, Laura Fox, Mindv 
Sjoblom, i; Beth Moran. 

^jj Hampton 
w 1 House 


Boasting the largest pledge class on 

campus, the Phi Psis pose for their bid 
dav group photo. 

Sophomore Phi Psi Jason Bontrager 

receives tlou'ers tor his great performance 
during the Mr. Butler contest. Jason was 
nominated by the Pi Beta Phi house based 
on his personality and involvement on 


To infinity and beyond 

Phi Psi participants in the Delta Gamma 
.Anchor Splash launch Steve Novak 
through the air during the synchronized 
swimming event, propelling themselves 
to victory. 

Senior Billy Bradley's tolerance is 
remarkably high after 40 consecutive 
hours of studying. 


"I am the best setter in the world" says »^fc- . 
sophomore Mark Sullivan about his skills 
during the Sigma Chi volleyball compe- 
tition during Derby Days. The Phi Psi 
team ended up in 1st place. 


Taking a break 

A group ot Thetas decorate presents for 
their new daughters before Mom-Daught 

Sophomore Jennifer Tepke celebrates 
v\ith Theta sisters at her candlelight, after 
she received a lavalier from her Phi Kappa 
Psi bovfriend, John Dunn. 

Melissa Ford, Jenny Mercho, Chelsey 

Cindric, Am\ Frederick, .Amanda Kurth, 
& Andrea Peet defrost after plaving in 
the snow during the crazy snow storm of 
the 1449 Rush Week. 

Hut Hut! Row ki-h, Li/ Galante. & 
Andrea McClain huddle up and coordi- 
nate not only their oulfils. but (heir ag- 
gressi\e play during the Phiesla Bowl, 
earning a second place overall 

Tic the knot 

Several Thetas celebrate the engagement 
of Row Kish The nights festivities be- 
gan at the Phi Psj and moved to the 
Theta house, ivhere Row announced her 
engagement to Brian ,\rtusi 


Down the hatch! 

Junior TKE President, Seth Cockrum 
drinks a chemically enhanced potion to 
produce more antibodies thus speedint; 
up his injurv sreLO\er\ period 

Give 'em the heater 

Two Tekes plav vviftleball in the mall 
with other fraternity brothers. 

"Isn't my car pretty?" says a Teke 
after washing his car in the TKE driye- 




^^^^^^^^S-.>Ji^W^ ^^ ^ 


On his way to first 

Nathan Radki heads to first base during 
Kappa Kickoff. 

Full House 

A group of Tekes play cards on their 
front porch. 


Referees for a day 

Mollv Donohoo & Lisa Baer share a laugh 
between flag football games at the an- 
nual Alpha Phi-esta Bowl. 

I'm too sexy for these boots 

unior Ellen Stelk stops to model he 
outfit during Fall Alternative Break. 


Slacev Armbrocht bumps a \olle\' to team- 
mate .Amv Righton, who anxiously awaits 
the plav at the Sigma Chi Derby Days 
\ollo\ball tournament. 

Sophomore Meghan McMahon is 

double-dog dared to stick her tongue on 
tlietro/en .Alpha Phi roek. IFDwascalled 
to rescue Meghan's tongue which 
received no permanent damage. 

Sciplioniiire Ann Anderson pauses on 
the .Alpha Phi porcli before heading off 
to class. 


Step Show 

The men of Kappa 
Alpha Psi perform 
their step show in 
front of the Geneva 
Stunts crowd. 

Hand Sign 

The Kappa Alpha Psi hand sign. 





Robert Lewis models the 
Kappa Alpha Psi attire. 



Hand Sign 

The Alpha Kappa Alpha hand sign 


In the stands 

W omen of Alpha Kappa Alpha cheer on 

the football team at the Butler Bowl. 

Outia Here 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Michelle Nathan 
heads to the main court at Hinklc to 
receive her diploma. 

Talent Show 

The women of Alpha Kappa .Alpha pose 
alter the BSU talent show in the Reillv 
Room. 35 

Dancin', Dancin', Dancin' . . . 

Dancin' Machine' The Sigma Nu co- 
emcee of the day shakes a leg on the 
dance floor at VooDoo '99, the end-of- 
the-vear all-campus fraternity party. 

I've got it! 

Sigma Nu Chris Kurn tries to outrun 
opponent lared Downnig of Tau Kappa 


Members of Sigma Nu gladlv escort a 
queen contestant during V'ooDoo. 

Passing the ba 

Sigma Nu members participati' m (hi 
Sigma Chi Derby Days Volleyball tour 

Hay, in the middle of the lawn 

Sigma Nu's and guests \vatch the VooDoo 
festivities on top of their hav fortress. 


"Sittin' on top ot the roof " 

Carrie Rode, \adine Slovak, Lindsev 
MacAUister, Mandy Hor\ath. Teresa 
Burr\-, Lisa Wright, Leslie McLean, i Jill 
Kendall pose atop of the Pi Phi roof. 

The Little Mermaid 

~ 'phomore Lambda Chi Francis Esguerra 
> escorted by Pi Phi Kate Fischer at the 
Delta Gamma Anchor Splash in Hinkle 

Giving and receiving 
Sonya Keinath, Sarah Kirkpatrick, Leah 
Giittey, Christina Ezell, \ikki Schuch, 
Angle 1 lufnagel, & Dawn Wilcshare gifts 
with their sorority daughters. 

VolleybaM, anyone? Emilv "^'oung & 
Stcfanie Head keep track of monev and 
participants during their philanthropy 
e\ent, .Arrow Spike. .Arroxv Spike is an 
.All-Campus volleyball tournament that 
profits Links to Literacy. 
All Smiles 

(clockwise from top left* Pi Phi's Katie 
Murray, Jill Herridge, Jilll Mackey, & 
Lisa Kochert share a laugh at the Pi Phi 



One Less Future Chicken 

Kim Stephenson sdvs, "It was my 
first time as a XPP member andl felt 
a lot of unity at the Greek Olympics... 
but I did catch this egg!" Sure Kim 

Preparing for War 

The women of Sigma Gamma Ixh 
get ready for Greek Olympics. 

Dressed for Success 

Some ZrPand other friends take tinit 
out from their scholarship ball to 
show off their fancy attire. 

Hammin' it up 

(l-r) Kim Stephenson, Angela .-Mien, 
and Allison Pulliam at the 
Indianapolis Black Expo. 

The Girls 

(l-r) front row: Sheronn Burrow, 
Angela Allen, Tanika Scott, Nicole 
Thompson, Allison Pulliam. Back 
row; Delia Askew, Sylvia Johnson, 
Kim Stephenson, Veronica Newman, 
Katrissa Kelley, Kendra Vinson. 


The Founding of Sigma Gamma Rho 

In the 1920's Sigma Gamma Rho Inc. was not only lacking in an actual Greek house, but in dorm space. Back then, 
blacks were not allowed to live in the dorms. Howe\'er, despite the racist views of the time, seven voung women, who were 
attending Butler University while working on their Masters' degrees, founded Sigma Gamma Rho. Their sororitv became 
incorporated on November 12, 1922. 

Mary Lou Little, Nan Johnson, Dorothy Whiteside, Hattie Redford, Cubena McClure, Bessie Martin, and Vivian 
Marbury were seven best friends with a unique goal of founding their verv own sororitv. The ideals of this sororitv would 
be sisterhood, scholarship, and service. Vivian Marbury, who practiced those three ideals in 1922, is still Ii\ing todav and 
resides in Indianapolis. 

In 1999, Sigma Gamma Rho Inc. has 10 members on Butler's campus. All are African American, however Sigma 
Gamma Rho does accept members of all races. Current members are as hsted: Deha Askew - Basileus (President); Nicole 

Thompson - Anti-Basileus 
Allen - Anti- Grammateus 
Tamiochus (Tresurer); 
Epistoleus (Historian); 
mentarian; Kim Stephenson 
Member; Veronica Newman 
row - Member. 

Sigma Gamma Rho 
all campus events. They 
themselves. Two things of 
Sigma Gamma Rho girls 
capsule and celebrate 

The reason for hold- 
George Washington Carver 
Sigma Gamma Rho start 

The time capsule 
brary Archives on the 75th 
Founder's Day. It was full 
momentos, which will be 

Another Sigma 
to the university includes the 
outside of the Tower Con- 
Union. There is also a stone 
names of many Sigma 
the east side of the Union. 

Sigma Gamma Rho's national philanthropy is the March of Dimes. This spring the members sold cardboard babv 
shoes which were hung on a bulletin board in Jordan Hall. Thev also had a fund-raiser called Operation Big Book Bag. For 
this project the girls collected school supplies for kids. In return, Butler students got to attend an ice cream cake social. 

President Delia Askew, said that "being the Alpha chapter pushes me to encourage e\ervone else to stav involved 
with service and scholarship. We have to represent! Since we are the Alpha chapter more is expected. We are alwavs 
trying to get a lot of people from campus involved with our programs." 

Some of these activities include Pokeno night, movie nights. Spring Sports, Greek Ohmpics, and step shows at the 
REACH Ethnic Festival. The Alpha chapter has also had many programming e\ents that ha\e earned the title "first an- 
nual." For example thev have held the Mr. Sigma Gamma Rho contest, and their first scholarship ball, which is called the 
Blue and Gold Ball. 

Many of our girls are Resident Assistants or in Hall Go\ernment. Sigma Gamma Rhos are also in\olved in CPA, 
SGA, Program Board, and REACH. However Askew said "We are not just involved in the sororitv, we are involved all o\er 
the community. The women of Sigma Gamma Rho have participated in programs such as Girls Inc. after school program 
and Golden Achie\'ement Program which was started by Sheronn Burrow. 

Kim Stephenson said, "Sisterhooci, scholarship, and service is what we're all about. We step together. We take road 
trips together. We have a lot of fun together. But we're more than just a social sororitv. We were founded on communitv 
service. Greater service, greater progress!" 

The Stained Glass Memory 

This stained-glass window was installed in the Atherton Union 

several years ago as a dedication to tlie women wlio began XFP. 

(Vice President); Angela 
(Secretary); Tanika Scott - 
Allison Pulliam - 
Kendra Vinson - Parlia- 

- Member; Syh'ia Johnson - 

- Member ; Sheronn Bur- 
has participated in many 
have also organized a few 
particular interest that the 
have done is make a time 
George Washington Car\'er 

ing a celebration with 
Dav is because he helped 
their sorority back in 1922. 
was put in the Irwin Li- 
anni\ersary of their 
of photographs and other 
opened on the lOOth anni- 

Gamma Rho contribution 
stained glass window 
ference Room in Atherton 
walkway with college 
Gamma Rlio chapters bv 



Boo! Behind every curtiiin and wall 
lurked a ghost or goblin during the Phi 
Delt haunted house. These ghosts turned 
out to be the Phi Delt's themselves trying 
to scare the monev out of people to 
donate to their philanthropy. 

Running with all of their hearts 

the men of Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Chi 
race to the finish line of the Chariot Race. 

On the bus 

Two Phi Delt pledges ride a bus to down 
town Circle Centre. 

Sutter 1 ime 

A group of Phi Delts show off their soccer 

skills on the Sigma Chi lawn. 

Celebrate good times! 

Once again the Phi Delts flaunt their vic- 
tory on the front steps of the Sigma Ch 


Baby One More Time 

Britney Spear-esque DCs perform at 
Sigma Nu's VooDoo Lip Sync Contest, 
mini-skirting their way into a 2nd place 
finish behind Pi Beta Phi. 

Cooking Out 

Kim Kutska & Lisha VonEhwegcn catch 
a ghmpse of the camera man during their 
pereparation for the Anchor Splash all 
campus cook-out. 

stop! I.acv llolUnvav, Naloric Egcl, & 
Lisa Koelikamp pcr.suade cars to stop 
and give money to their philanthropy 
"Sight Conservation". Egel commented 
"It was great fun, but I was scared of 
getting hit bv a car." 

Best Overalls 

DC new members perform in Blue Kev's 
Freshman Skits finishing in 2nd place 

Di'ltJ (,jmmas Melissa Hall. Cathenne 
Means, Megan Tavlor and Lisa 
Koelikamp support participants at their 
all campus activity. Anchor Splash. Hatt 
said '.-Vnchor Splash is one of our 
favorite functions of the year". 



Bid Day Visit 

Associate members & actives ot Lambda 
Chi Alpha take a bid dav walk to visit the 
new members of Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Teeter Tottering 

Junior Ryan Noggle passes the time tee- 
ter-tottering with a friend in front of the 
Lambda Chi house. The event raised 
S7,926 for the Leukemia Societv of 

On the straightaway 

Junior Brandon Judkins anchors the 
Greek Week relav race for the Lambda 
Chi team. 

Gaining on him 

Junior Scott Jacobson (left) is closely fol- 
lowed by Lambda Chi Francis Esguerra 
during the Greek Olvmpics relav race 
held in the mall. 

Slip n' Slide 

A Watermelon Bust contestant slides 
down the makeshift Slip n' Slide in th 
Lambda Chi .Alpha front lawn. 


Bid Day 

Kappa new members pose for a picture 

on Bid Da\' in the Kappa Kappa Gamma 


"Right on, dude!" 

Exclaims \'al \andl (right), acting as an 
MT\' \eeja\-, alongside Jill Koenan at Blue 
Ke\'s Freshman Skits. 

Marshmallow lest '99 
kappa new members Becca Buccalos, 
Caria Showers, & Megan Newlon attempt 
to stuff their mouths full of marshmallos 
during an intense contest of "Chubby 

Kappa Kickoff Fiesta 
K.ippas prepare and serve dinner for their 
!! L.impus kickball tournament 

"I'm so glad I am-a . . ." 
Kappa Kappa C'.amma exclaims Senior 
Cathy Switalski in fri>nt of the Kappa 
Kappa Camnia house. 



So close! 

An exhausted Josh Stewart is consoled 
bv David Rolwing after a photo finish in 
the Sigma Chi / Phi Delt Chariot Race, 

Senior Drew Autajay uses a 3 iron to hit 
a tennis ball out of the campus rough. 
Tennis ball golf is the newest sport 
developing on campus. 

Good Stuff 

Sigma Chi's Brian Young & John Tuttle 
a,sk the motorists of Hampton Drive to 
donate monev to their philanthropy. 


Junior Nathan Perdue models the latL"-t 
fashions in the "Mr Butler" Contest held 
in the Reilly Room, 

Sigma Chi Wong Fu with love 

Decorated by sororities, Sigma Chi's par- 
ticipate in "Dec-a-Sig" during Derby 
Days, Sigma Chi's all-campus event. 


A Whole Quarter 

Lisa O'Keefe reacts as an unknown mo- 
torists donates spare change to benefit 
Alpha Chi Omega's philanthropy, the 
ulian Center. 

Clay eats his spinach 

Sophomore Alpha Chi Laura 
Fledderjohann escorts junior Sigma Chi 
Clay Laxvson at the DC Anchor Splash. 

Alpha Chi Caddies 

(top loft clockwise) Elizabeth Gross, Sh- 
annon .Kndcrson. Leslie BlumthaLCatina 
D\kes stop from their jobs at Frisbee 
Fling, Alpha Chi's all-campus event, to 
have their picture taken. 

T Frisbee Flinging 

.Alpha Chi's keep track of the Phi Dells 
frisbee golf scores on the Butler cam[">us 

Stomach Craffitti 

Freshman Frin Peterson explains her rea- 
sons whv she should be N'ooDoo queen 
including world peace and humanity 


"Greek Olympics was a positive 
way to bring houses togetlier be- 
cause the competitions weren't 
cut-throat," explained Karen Sells 
(Kappa Alpha Theta), seen here 
readying herself against her Delta 
Gamma opponent Kelly 
Shneider. "...It helped that e\'- 
ervone had a sense of humor 
about the competitions." 

Steady now... 

The women of Alpha Phi race to 
beat the best time for buikiing the 
human pyramid. "The pyramid- 
building was a new event for this 
year and provided for a lot of 
laughs," commented participant 
Lisa Bear, seen here second from 
the top. 

Heave. . . The Lambda Chi's give it their all in the tug-o-war events. Participants include: Jeremy Camions, Kevin Smith, Ryan 
Stevens, Dave Bakker, Jon Worthington, Zach Klein, Francis Esguerra, John Wainscott, Brad Benne, & Eric Smith. 


li Psi Participants Marc Sheetz and Rob Krar put on a hurst of 
leed during the three-legged race, one of the more amusing parts of 
e overall Olympics, traditionally held during the afternoon hours 
a sunny October day. 

Greek Olympics 

Cithniuatioii of a Week-long Experiment in Unity 

101 Ways to Beat the Heat... but who needs to buy the book? David 
Bakker and Ben Carson take ad\-antage of the fountain in the mall to 
observe the progress of the games in comfort during the unusually 
warm weather that extended throughout much of the fall semester. 

Ho! The Alpha C'hi'' put torth their own exertion in the temale tug-o-war e\'ent. 


S24 (SiJ Jiainpion Drive 

72 J (HJ Jiampion Driue 

737 (SJ Ji amp ion Driue 

Jj amnion yio 

809 IqJ Mamp/on Drive 


S15 lil) IHmnplon Drioe 

iDamuda Cj/ii 

4721 cjunset yiuenue 

a ^Jiappa c^amma 

S21 iJ Jiaittpton Drive 

mpa J SI 

MO Jj Jiainfyton On\>e 



I r. TtSi 

ua Uneii 

S34 CJ Jiampton Driue 


70 J (l) y lampion Dr/ue 

h'al CjoIIeae 

630 (sJ Jiampton iJriue 

Jvoss yiaJJ 

629 (iJ yiainpion Drive 


(bcnwi/zer Jiall\ 

-7 ~2 f Iffll I 

7 JO (sJ Jia/npton Drive 

OjJ LJ JIa/n/)/(jn Oriue 

44u0 J/aua/jet/ /nienae 




\Jix2ppa tjpsnon 

7/J (J J Ian: f) ton Ofnie 



, Cyiahue Hall 

Housing the departments 

of Science. 


One of two on-campus f 


Jordan Hall 

\\\\i Housing the Business 
School and many smaller 



in .: ill;. ;n>';—;—fe^..: ■..:","•' ' 

Housing... (hmmm).. the Z?^"'^-^ ; ^^ i..-— -_ -"-*■-""-"- ^ 'p^Pi* 

College of Pharmacy, '^f-jj 'pr J ^^jj gg ^UU feEl IZ ' I 'H 

IB DP nOI Bll iiii i> 


Newly renovated, housing 

the Admissions Office, 

the chapel, and Johnson 


erhon Union 

Housing one of two cam- 
pus cafeterias, the C-club. 
and many student 




Boasting the largest tele- 
scope in the state of Indiana. 



Holding around 2.()(){) 
specator seats, used for 
both Butler purposes and 
other non-affiliated per- 



liglih Ampihheahei 

The traditional location of 
Commencement; also 
host to many summer 

Dance Acade 

Housing one arm of the 
dance department. 


Housing the transmitting 
station and master control 
for the Butler TV station; 
soon to be overshadowed 
by the planned new 
telecom building on- 

Hinkle Fieldhouse 

Housing the athletic 

departments. p 



What is this building? 

rhe Johnson Room I 

Houses a bunch oi' crap. 

Although fashionablv unattractive. Phar- 
macy' students endure through e\en more 
agonv as they are forced to ivear paper 
blue aprons and big white chef hats to 
keep nast\' viruses away. These two com- 
bined, are commonly known as: scrubs. 
We don't want no scrubs. 

Like Folgers' Crystals, AnnaLissa Abad 
eves her supervisor as she secretly re- 
places a heart patient's medication with 
prescription medicine for a constipated 
patient, and all just for kicks. Those 
pharmacy practical jokesters! 
The ol' pharmacy switch-a-roo. 

Where does all of our tuition money go? 

Pharmacy students often ask this ques- 
tion while fighting to stay in the Phar- 
macy school. Well, pretty glass windows 
do not pay for themselves (CBA students 
would accept this as fact as they have 
extremely pretty windows in their new 





Hazardous Spill' I'harmacv majors hold the future lives of others m their hands as well as the safety of those currently aroum 
them. I lere (1 to r) Leslie Robinson, Lauren Loscalzo, & Heather Klinge take the necessary precautions after carelessly spillin| 
a hazardtius drug. 




The Pharmaceutical Fraternity 



oar! Vice President Lauren Loscalzo .& I'resident Amy Cicli give Ihe rest ol Buller a good idea about how much time pharmac\- majors put into studNing tor llieir Cluster 
cams. Maybe they need to get out just a tad bit more. 

"Hey, we're all wearing the same shin" The active Butler chapter ol IMii LXIta 
realize members ot I'hi Delta Chi while Chi poses lor a group picture during the 
having their picture taken at the Phi Delta Regional Convention that they hosted at 
Chi convention. the Indianapolis Embassy Suites in 

March, IWS. This convention is a series 
of officer workshops, chapter meetings, 
dinners along with an awards presenta- 
tion (how exciting!) 





A Butler education major chats with her 
opponent during an intense game of 
musical chairs at a local elementary. The 
Butler Musical Chairs team defeated the 

A Butler student helps a voungbov learn local elementary in the "One-Chair left" 

how to read at a local school. round. 

He's learning to read Musical Chairs 

"That's so funny! Tell us the one about the 3rd grade teacher, the rabbi and the priest that walk into the bar one more time" 

Education majors share a few jokes together throughout the dav. 





mily Milligan & Dr. Corpus discuss fi- 
improvementstobemadeon Emily's 
tfolio. Her portfolio will count as 40''f 
ii-r grade for reading block. 
■I end in '4 thr\ don't notice the camera 

Future teachers take their first oral 
e.xamination in front of the class. Learn- 
ing the Pledge of Allegiance is a must 
when aspiring to be a teacher. 
Pledge of .\llei;iance 

We love education! 

Education majors show lluir o\uboranco alter studying "Green Eggs i Ham" for 4 hours in preparation for their final exam. 








Marlv Hardy hugs her partner in Spanish 
class after winning the Spanish version ot 

GallahueHall "SUUl.OOO Pyramid." The final clue: 

students enter Gallahue Hall where Camino en el 

classes of scientific studies take place. 

"All this gene splicing is giving us a headache" 

sav two students in Professor Richard Miller's Genetics & Evolution class. Later the students created the first ever si\-assed monkey. 







Final Paper "Here's how it's done" 

Sophomore Laura Hacker h-pes a final says a Math professor to student, Cla\ 
paper up on her computer. Lawson. 

Someday, we could all own this beauty. 

After paying back our numerous student loans, our education at Butler may some day help us get a great job which pays 

enough monev so wo can purchase the car of our dreams. 


Rock &: Roll . . .hey! 
Members of the band taunt the op- 
posing crowd with their \ersion of 
the hit 70's song "Rock & Roll pt. 1" 
by Gary Glitter. 

Play that funky music 

Butler band members lighten up the 
atmoshpere in Hinkle Fieldhouse during the 
Butler basketball games. 

On the field 

:md members perform on the field during the crownmg of 
the Homecoming King & Queen. 






We're Number 1 

An excited band member imitates John 
Tra\olta in her favorite movie "Saturdav 
Nieht Fever". 



The average Butler singer puts in man\ hours ot hard work 
and effort. 

Practicing in Lilly 

Many JCFA use the talents of their peers to improve the skills of 






Freshman Shafeek Kiblawi assists in the splicing of a reel-to-reel tape for 
a project in Professor Richard Miles' audio production class, 

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! 

Junior Dylan Griffith, producer of WTBU's alternative music variety 
show. Music Beat, talks with Jerrv Springer as he prepares to perform 
in a promotional skit for the show. 

o m m a n ( 

a t ( o n s 

Butler dancers perform "The Nutcracker" lor the audience at Clowes Hall. 

Stretching is ver>' important! 

A dancer must be flexible to achieve the motion and flow necessar\ m daiKe. 

The essence of dance is found m the artistic beautx I'l the Ininian being. 

A Butler dancer practices a dance routine in a Butler studio while other dancers 
w ince in pain on the floor from C-club food poisoning. 






Driving Around In Circles 

Difchiiuwr: The Drift staff -svould like to tliank BUPD for hei 
such good sports and keeping our campus safe. 

What the ... ? 

Well, we don't know exactly what junior Erin Buchanan is doing, but surely it's 


"Get 'em!" {from the archives) 

shout BUPD officers to each other as President Richard Nixon streaks across t 

football field at the Homecoming football game. 

yZ '-'t'Ml ■'"JO^u A|.T)iLinop s )i )nq '.ijns .uij <.\\ou^ .uio o\ ja.usuy l';.^|Ji 

other helpless victim 

Sutler students winces in pain after being stabbed in the head and chest with a 
jwdriver on campus, (note to all people who take things too seriously: the student 
s not actually injured). 

ergencv I'hone 

ior>. Hen NUmt .ind Mike McL'irogorv report a crime on the nowlv installed 

ergenc\ phones, designed In world t.imous architect. Bob Tampax. 

"401k in progress" 

Yes, a 401k (BUPD code for no parking in grass) was in progress on Butler's 

campus, but the assailant fled the scene moments before BUPD arrived 


Making j^ Statement 


Students disco\'er themseh'es in a social en\'ironment 

\ ou how long mv tongue is" 

\ ki-nitT tp Grei! Medlv, Rob Leel^en, Gmnt Meachiim & \'ick Sh.innon 

"Sure, we'll pose for a yearbook photo" 

excLiim n group ot part\' animals- 


Jvmior Kirk Shaffer takes a power nap to rest up for the Alpha Phi spring formal. 

Sometimes, it can get ugly. 

Senior Robb Minich ponders those times when he didn't feel like throwing up. 

"What, you don't like my new Leopard brassiere?" 
questions Brett Slama after a long day of shopping. 


"m gonna graduate!" 

lis Senior Geoff Davis behind two posing senior women 

leady . . . Break! 

le women of Alpha Phi huddle up, then break' before a big part\ 

One last lime 

Senior Thetas gather for one last 'hoorah' during their final formal together. 


The Smiles We 

To laugh and smile with someone else is to be lox'ed 


Happy B-urth-day, Mister Pres-i-dent. 

Senior Chelsey Cindric takes out her belt to whip the "bad girls" with. 


Who is this guy? I don't know, but he looks like faculty, so 1 bet he nvido >omec 
smile. E\en if he isn't f<ieulfv and he was just taking a stroll through campus, and tf 
sat down to fill out his tax return forms or figure out a way to produce 1.21 jigowij 
of power for time travel, surely he would have made somone smile. Maybe they jj 
looked at him real quick and thought he looked funny and then a little smile appeal 
on their face (duration of smile not being considered, of course) -- then that's why 
is on this page. And if none of this happened, then he made me smile. 

/hat is he doing? 

le don't know for sure, but he's having a good time, and that is what's really 

nny, are you with us? 

>phomoro ienn\ Scarlos tal^os a sip ot hor soda, oni\ to find out that it had secrctU 
'on roplacod with ammonia. 

"Pull our fingers" 

ask Alpha Chi's Susan Davis, Jenny Macintyre, Vanessa Whitman, & Melissa 

Warner at their Bid Day party. 


Students that wear similar 

Is it planned the night before, or just an eerie coincidence?. 
We may never know the real truth behind the mystery. 

All black felt Come on now, the odds of these Thetas all waking up and putting on the 
same outfit are phenomenal. 

Service with a smile 

Women of Alpha Chi Omega spend a day out of the semester serving their 

SwcH'p Sk.iu-s '13 

WniikMi ..| \lplia Phi 
back to 1^)'-I3, 

i\\ off their matchmg Alpha Phi Sweep Skates shirts dati 

lifts and Vests 

aija Walters, Chelsey Cindric, & Rosanne Cull pose on Bid Dav 

>lar System 

lese men ol Sigma \u wear a unique shirt uhieli appear^ to di>pla\ a eokirlui solar 


Kappa Spirit 

Women of Kappa Kappa Gamma show their team spirit before Spring Sports 

Spectacular, held in HInkle Fieldhouse. 

A Visit From 


Jerry Springer touches us all (but onh' in places we wanted him to touch) 
while \'isiting to make a speech at Butler. 

"You're so funny Jerry" 

express telecommunications majors Jen Buck & DvLm Griffith- 

Enter Jerry 

Sophomore Anne Tucker is seen picking up the rope holder with her right 
hand and knocking Jerry in the head with it to improve his ratings. 

Play it again, Jerry. 

Dylan Griffith & Ceil in 
Armstrong act in a skil 
with Jerry Springer. 


arcy in action. Juniiir Marcy Hill diligenth' works on preparations for Little 
iS Weekend. 

rand Finale. I he freshman ladies of Alpha Chi Omega tinlsh their skit during 
lie Ke\ s Freshman Skits. 

Butler students and their Little Sibs pose back to back during Blue Ke\ > L 

he freshmen ladies of .-Xlpha Phi perform llu ir Mue ii 
t'onderland" themed skit during Blue Key's Freshman Skits 





He's got moves. 

Freshman Travi 
Cobbins dances fo 
the BSD talent shov 
held in the Reill; 


""^ mml kid 

W-^ //f- 

V 4 

Erin Kelly watches as Fran 
Quinn dumps a jar of brain food 
onto the table for a late night ed- 
iting session for vet another edi- 
tion of Manufcriptf. 

A student author reads a work at 
a poetrv reading sponsored bv 
the magazine. Manuscripts 
sponsors such events to encour- 
age aspiring writers. 

; Manuscripts 

A puhlication of student poetnj and short stories. 

^^H^ J^BLA^" ' JL^^^^^^m 




:ditor-in-Chief Christina Smith (left) 
ffers some iielptiil editorial suggestions on 
work ot slmrt fiction that is being re- 


he Maittiscriiits' editors put up a billboard io 
isplay recent contributions to the magazine, 
-lanuscripts is a literary magazine for Butler 



Jello Hands! Jess Bryant slips back^vards 
as 'Jello Woman" Pamela Byers shoots 
lello from her hands. This Jello wrestling 
event took place near Atherton Union 
and was an non-alcoholic extracurricular 
activitv to support the Safe Spring Break 
campaign of BACCHUS. 

Holy Turkey! 

Trov Wood, Jodi Coomes, and Stephanie 
Zollner get everyone in the mood of the 
season during the RHA Halloween 
Dance. BACCHUS suppcirted their goal 
of increasing awareness of the effects of 
alcohol bv serving mocktails, non-alco- 
holic drinks. 


Keeping Butler aware of the effects of drugs and alcohol 

Swing those hips! Pamela Byers and 
Cristel Mohrman compete for the top 
hula hoop award. Games were used 
to release energy after a full confer- 
ence dav at Washington D.C.. 

Say good-bye! Members of 
BACCHUS celebrate their final night in 
Washington D.C. at the National 


Record Breakers 

The men ot Phi Mu Alpha cram behind 
the piano in attempt to break the Guinness 
World Record tor most men plaving a 
piano at one time. 

Hand Sign 

A member ul Phi Mu Alpha (left) gives 
the Phi Mu Alpha hand sign as the other 
member stares in utter amazement of the 
technologically advanced camera. 

Phi Mu Alpha 

Men that sing to love and love to sing. 

Do Re Mi . . . 

The men ol I'hi Mu .Alpha rehearse a nielodv during a 
practice session. 

Singin' Tools 

■We are Phi Mu Alpha, couldn't be prouder, it vou can't 
hear us. iveTl sing a little louder' chant the proud men 
of Phi Mu Alpha! 


^ Jneihnes... 



Fnur Kappa Seniors hit the bars tor a night ot sociahznig and tun. 

(Clockwise from right) Victory Field 

as dusk falls; the Vogue, a popular 

dance club; Landsharks, one of the 

many smaller bars; the Patio, scene of 

many live concerts. 

The Indiana War Memorial lies 
near the heart of downtown In- 

i ! 


(Clockwise trum tup) Se\orcill>ik'- 
night stops for the college stu- 
dent with the munchies: Steak 'n 
^hake; White Castle, and; 
Denny's. Kirk Shaffer and 
Rebecca Miller (left) go exhibi- 
tionist on a downtown excursion 
to the skating rink 

And\' Geisler (left) and Ambra 
Haake enjo\- the great Mexican 

Perhaps a good rendition of what things 
ook like after a few too many brewskies. 

• • 

we wen 

The Dancing Faerie 

One of the many downtown 

fountains lies between the 

Central Post Office and the 

Indiana War Memorial. 

A Sweeping View of the Skyline 

A view from within the Crown Hill 

Cemetary (one of the largest and 

most beautiful cemetaries in the 

nation) shows the Indianapolis 


Silent Contemplation 

One of Indiana's finest takes in 

the slight of the War Memorial. 
Butler's Closest Neighbor 

The Christian Theological Seminary lies on land that at one time 

was owned bv the University, even containing several buildings 

that once belonged to several fraternities. The CTS maintains 

very beautiful grounds and commands a great view over the 



• • 

Bygone Era 

e unoccupied downtown building of Union 
ition was host to many \'isits from Butler 
idents and otherwise. Due to financial dif- 
ulties, and the introduction of Circle Center, 
; Station has closed its doors. 

berty reigns 

e base of the downtown monu 
;nt holds se\eral such scenes. 

Blast from the past 

A copy of a classical Greek statue nestles in the e\pansi\'e grounds of one of 
Butler's walking-distance neighbors, the Indianapolis Museum of Arts. The 
grounds were originally owned by the Lilly family, who also ha\e contrib- 
uted towards seyeral buildings on Butler's campus. 

The Center of it all 

The massi\"e downtown monu- 
ment dominates the Circle and 
bustles with acti\'ity in the 
daylight hours. 


~% glimpse of Paris, France 

The Seine River 

Winged Victory. iVIark Ellis, Matt Kellog, & Chad Martin 
in tlie Louvre, standing in front of "Winged Victory". 

taste of hull 

The breath-taking Eiffel Touer. 

~ fc.A view ot the \rji 

:"de Triumph from 

atop the Eiffel Tower. 

French Hospitality. 



Junior Scott Jacobson races 

he's not busy studying 

Women ot Delta Gamma yell like hell ciurmg the '\ ell like hell homecomi 





Just hangin' out. Sophomore Ben Carson hangs out 
with his girlfriend. 

Yearbook Advisor David Clark flips a few pancakes for stude| 
during the 2nd semester pancake dinner held before finals. 


A few men of Sigma Chi enjoy the weekend sun. 

Liz Kibby finds a comfortable spot in the Kappa house to study; 

Tom top) Ms. Martin arrives at 

work at 7:45 after getting up at 

6:00; Sitting at a desk working 

ut an efficient schedule for the 

day; One of the students (a 

fifth-grader in this instance) 

practices on his recorder; Ms. 

Martin uses techniques that 

engage the interest of the 

younger students, teaching 

such basic concepts as rhythm 

and pitcii 

The average college student 
is very aware of the fact that 
the world of college is not 
the world outside; days of 
drinking, sleeping in, and 
choosing one's schedule at 
whim gives way to waking 
early, watching time with an eagle eve, 
and juggling a social life with a profes- 
sional one. The DRIFT staff chose to 
examine this alleged "real world" bv 
following those that inhabit it; the Butler 
alum chosen was Pollv Martin. 

Polly is a Butler graduate of just a year 
past. With the davs of college behind, 
she has chosen to excercise her skills in 
music education at a 'small-town' el- 
ementary school, South Elementarv of 
South Madison Communitv School Corp 
This close-feeling school, howe\er, hosts 
over 1,000 children; 'Ms. Martin', as the 
children call her, teaches 500 of them 
once over the course of everv three davs. 

Though the days are \'ery different 
from those that college brought, Pollv 
has no regrets about mo\"ing on. "I get a 
lot of satisfaction in seeing the kids 
progress \vith their accomplishments." 




spring Break 

Spring Break 1999 was no different than spring breaks from year's past. 
The destinations were the same, btit still the time and money was well 
spent. The most important aspect of Spring Break is the time to get away 
from the daily stress of Butler and the world around us. A time to relax in 
the sun or in the shade or a time to assist those in need. A time to live 
one's life worry-free and indulge in the amazing wonders of the world. 

The sun sets on a Cancun evening, hut for 
Sprint; Breakers, the evening has just begun. 

-M m ■■W>V'T 'y^-y|jaj;^ "You missed 
~ " a spot" says 
Senior Sam 
Strohl to 
Amy Luigs 
tjr -tKg^KJT ss ^he rubs 
in sunblock 
to protect 
from the 
powerful UV 
rays of 

Well, it's a 

jeach. Tara 


Deters and 




- J 

brave the 

- 1 

wind and 

- f 

rain to 

explore a 

beach in 





iii;ii iiu- 11 (i! I liu Tropical Field Biology class took their Spring 
irt'iiK trip to Belize to do research in the field of Marine Biology 

Putt the Magic Uragon d to ri 1 rclimcn lackie Jones, Megan NeeK , 1 innc.i Mull i: 
Jennifer Hubertz ride a magic dragon in Panama City, Florida. 

Preparando por el noche, Meg Kiner, Svlvanna Sok, Lihh\ Miyashirir 

Jenny Easterday, Moll\- Rea\ er, & Katie R\bak are ready for the 

nightlife of Cancun, Mexico. 

All Aboard! Lisha \onEhewegen. .-^mbra Haake. Sara Uonoghue & 1 eah Oaldon 

ready to board the "Booze Cruise" at MT\"s home base in Cancun, Fat Tuesdays. 

The night consisted of a drunken boat ride to la Isla de Las Mujeres (translated as 

the Island of the Women) where food, festi\'ities, and a wet t-shirt contest were 

held. (Note: No Butler students participated in the wet t-shirt contest.) 

b .•\lpha Chi's gather in front i>f the ocean in a popul.i 
Mvers, Florida. 

Siretchin' Out Senior John Bonnell sits in front oi the giraffe do 
the (amed San Diego Zoo in San Diego. California. 


A skit with a purpose 

Greek Life students perform a skit to 
benefit those wlio attended tlie session. 
Every month, a Greek Life event was 
held at a different fraternitv house. 

Roses for Peetie 

And V Knopfmeier and Andrea Peet share 
a unique relationship together. They ha\-e 
been dating for some time and they are 
also co-founders of Greek Life. 

Greek Life 

Greek students worshipping God. 


Extreme Excitement 

Senior Andrea Peet, one of this year's founders of Greek 
Life, shows her excitement after a meeting. 

Music makers 

Greek life members perforin spiritual music at a Greek Life meeting 


"I sure wish I had a new DIAMOND 
ring" says Carolyn Redar to partner 
Kammie Poe at the BUSF Euchre Tour- 
ney. Carolyn & Kammie's euchre ethics 
are tar from heavenly. 

"I'll be taking this trick" 

says a Butler student participating in the 
BUSF Euchre Tournament. 


Butler University Student Foiuuiation 

"I've pot a tuli house" 

savs a Butler student at the BLSl- euchre tournev 

Euchre Madness! BUSF President Jill Slcenstrup and member Lindsav Williams update the brackets ol the 
Euchre Tournament. Winners received gift certificates Irom Papa John's or Eintein's Bagels. Losers received 

,ib-oluteI\ n.'tliini; .uui were told to le.w e tile KeilK Room and ne\ er e\ er pKn euchre again' 


LDooe (Q Jyeiaiionsnios @ 'duller 

Couple: Jeff Micek & Kristi O'Brien 
First date: I went to the movies to see Aladdin 
with 10 girls and Jeff. It was in January and he 
wore shorts and brought a New Kids on the 
Block pillowcase, just to prove that he had it. 
Nicest thing he has ever done: He planned a 
Sweet Sixteen Birthday party for me. 
Nicest thing she has ever done: When I had 
surgery she stayed and helped my mom take care 
of me all day, everyday, until I got better. 
His most attractive feature: I love his beautiful 
green eyes. 

Her most attractive feature: Her hair, it was the 
first thing I ever noticed about her. 
Most annoying part of relationship: It's prob- 
ably when I don't understand what she is think- 
ing, where she is coming from, or what made her 

Most romantic thing he has ever done: He 
pinned me. 

Most romantic thing she has ever done: For 
highschool graduation, Kristy made me a scrap 
book about my entire high school career. 

Coupl^ Chelsey Cindric & Bob Link 
First date: "We went to dinner at Union Jacks. I felt 
nervous and excited." - Chelsey 

Nicest thing he has ever done: He gave me flowers for 
no special reason. 

Nicest thing she has ever done: She bought me dinner 
after I finished my internship. 

His most attractive feature: I love his smile and his 

Her most attractive feature: It's her curly hair... yep 
definitely her hair. 

Most annoying part of relationship: Chelsey is a phar- 
macy major so it is hard to find extra time to spend 
together doing fun things. 

Most romantic thing he has ever done: He took me to 
Benihana's on Valentine's Day. 

Most romantic thing she has ever done: She made me 
cookies and didn't burn them. 

Couple: Jason Leet & Amanda Weiss 

First date: We ate dinner at the Aristocrat and talked 

about our study abroad experiences. We were both 

excited because we had been friends since our freshman 


Nicest thing he has ever done: He's always nice, but 

the nicest thing about Jason is that he is a good listener. 

Nicest thing about her: She's always laughing and 

happy and that makes me laugh. j 

Most annoying part of relationship: We are both so I 

busy. The worst part was when Jason was taking the i 

Becker Preparation Class for the CPA Exam. ' 

Most romantic thing they have done together: We wenj 

walking along the canal downtown. It's really romantic 


mple: Karen Sells & John Bonnell 

rst date: We went to see the movie "Just Cause" 

d then hung out in John's basement. We were 

th nervous, and we arrived at the movie about a 

If hour before it started." 

cest thing he has ever done: He let me show him 

^ childhood home (twice) and he met all of my old 

ichers, because he knew it was important to me. 

cest thing she has ever done: She took me to the 

cus on my birthday because she knew I used to go 

len I was little, as a tradition. 

s most attractive feature: His eyes and his freckles 

? great but his most attractive characteristic is his 


;r most attractive feature: Her big brown eyes and 

r intelligence are the most attractive. 

ost annoying part of relationship: Sometimes we 

:k creativity in finding new, things to do. 

ost romantic thing he has ever done: On our 

rd anniversary he took me to dinner at the Bubble 

lom, a restaurant in Florida. He drove me out to 

iptiva Island and we walked on the beach and 

itched the sunset. 

ost romantic thing she has ever done: Sometimes 

e takes me on picnics. We like to lie on our backs 

d look at the clouds. 

Zouple: Jen Hubertz & Scott Alvey 

•irst date: I went to a Butler/Purdue basketball 

;amo with Scott and his brother. But our first 

eal date was when he took me out to dinner and 

;ave me roses. 

Nicest thing he has ever done: He came and 

OLind me in the computer lab at midnight just so 

le could see me that day. 

vJicest thing she has ever done: She brings me 

:andy before mv pharmacy clusters. 

iis most attractive feature: I think his curly hair 

md his e\'es tie for the most attractix'e feature. 

ier most attractive feature: 

viost annoying part of relationship: Honestly... 

rhere's nothing really annoying about us. 

Couple: Rosanne Cull & Mike Ososki 

First date: We went paddle-boating downtown and out 

to dinner. Then we rented a movie on the way home 

because we were having such a great time. It was a 

great first date. 

Nicest thing he has ever done: He brought me roses 

before a pharmacy cluster to put her in a good mood 

while she was studying. 

Nicest thing she has ever done: I like to do a lot of little 

things for him. Sometimes I'll surprise him with a cup 

of coffee when he studies or a note in his mailbox telling 

him how much he means to me. 

His most attractive feature: It's usually his patience. He 

puts up with me. What can I say? I'm a handful. 

Her most attractive feature: Her smile and her laugh. 

Most annoying part of relationship: We are extremely 

moody!! But it never seems to be at the same time. Go 


Most romantic thing he has ever done: Mike took me to 

the symphony at Connor Prarie. He packed a picrvic 

dimier, and we had a great time. 

Making A Difference 

C®DD(igjii [^©[luS®^^ u®CP 

Students act as role models for the entire community. 

Box of goodies 

Junior Ellen Stelk helps a young girl make a box of goodies 

Sophomore Jim Warrener creates chalk drawings with a f 


"Look what I made" 

says a young boy sitting with Janet Schroeder. 


;re's how you do it" 

s Junior Garret Beatty to a young child he was helping 

Creating a banner 

(clocku ise from bottom Ictt) Aniv \'est, Sara Knoll, Irank |ack>on, .S; hm Warrener create a banner with area kids. 




Patiently Waiting 

Senior Delia Askew patiently awaits 1 
ivalk across the stage before receiv: 
her diploma. 

Barry's Bad Dawgs 

A group of Alpha Chi's show their enthusiasm during a home basketball game. 


The book store 

A student looks forward to receiving a total of $1 .00 for the lObookshesoldbackto 
the book store. 


ace and Quiet 

lior John Watkins studies in the silent 
nosphere of the Reilly Room. 

Posing for ol' BU 

Senior Cutler Armstrong takes photos 
around campus landmarks in hopes of 
appearing in an edition of the "Butler 
Magazine". Well, it didn't make the 
magazine, hut it did make it in the Drift. 

"He's tiiking m\ picture" 
sa\ s senior .Xmv \ andcrhoide to senior 
Jill Cichorz. 

Dancing on the bandwagon. 

Butler students dance along with the lat- 
est fads at the Swing Concert held in the 
Roillv Room. 


The Top Ten Men .md Women of 1999 

(left to right) 1 lont row; Ambra Haake, Roxy Kish, Emily Glatfelter, Sara Belzowski, Allison Hocltzel, Marcv I lill, Caia Koch, Hillary 
Bushelman; Back row: Scott Beier, Mark Adler, Nikola Ivankovic, Delia Askew, Frank Jackson, John Hor\-ath, Michael Ososki, Aaron i 
Gulp, John Dunn, Andrew Jones, Thu Nguyen, Jeremy Stevenson. 

Good Friends 

Frank Jackson and Marcv Hill 
share some smiles. 

SGA Executive Board members have smiles all around 

Roxy Kish, Ambra Haake, Thu Nguven, Aaron Gulp, and 
Scott Beier take a quick breather. 

• • • 

...ineoes / 

Honors Weekend ^99 




le parental units 

ren Sells pauses for a shot with 

r parents, Sherrie and Michael. 

e recognized students 

!re given the opportunity to 

:lude their parents in the 

'ards ceremonw 

St Year's Copy Editor! And Allison. 

nber Connolly and Alison Hoetzel 
jre... um... more smiles? 

Hormonal Explosion 

1999's Top Male Student Scott 

Beier shares his (platonic) 

affection for the 1999 Top Female 

Student, Sara Bel/owski. 






even oaas. . .> fl 


"Sure, h( 

I get at least three beers here?" 

■ niCL' oi \ ou to got .1 couple for your friend 

Whoops, how did that get in there? 

Ok, so this wasn't taken during Senior 
Week. Heck, it wasn't even taken during 
second sctnestcr. Oh well. Good 'buds 
Andrew Jones and Robb Minich pose for 
a quick photo op. At least they're seniors. 

Venus at a picnic table 

Who IS this iilrl, and whv is she alone? 



Can't gel enough 

I suggested Caroline Doertler try the 
brownies, then promised not to print the 
picture that resulted. 1 lied. 

The High Life 

Two distinguished-looking seniors have 
a pri\ate discussion at the senior-class 
part\' hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Bannister. 
The Bannisters have graciously offered 
up their home in a traditional farewell 
offering to the graduating seniors annu- 
ally since first arriving at Butler. 

and the Beast 
ors take advantage of the 
Butler's mascot. 

Time to get FREAKY!!! 

Several of the attendees (left to right: Mark 1-llis, Sam Strohl, 
Carrie Xagel, Steve Novak) at the Bannister gathering revel in 
the glories of free wine. 


o remem 





"You suck!" 

Seniors Andrea Peet and Rosanne Cull 
put on their feminine charm 

Charlie and his Angels 

(left to right) Cara Koch, Andrew Jones, 

Elizabeth Gross, and Meagan Searles 

strike a pose after a long night at Rock 


One tequila, two tequila,. 

Who knows if senior Kim Kmehart | 
made it past that point. Sensing an 
approaching camera, Doug Morris 
assumes a 'GQ' pose. 

Dancin' Homer! 

Seniors Samuel Strohl and Kim Kutska get down to that ballpark 

music during an excursion to an Indianapolis Indians' game. For 

their sake, we'll pretend thev were reallv, reallv drunk 

e are... 

. . . ouna 

Ha ^nere/ 




le Beer God sez: 

onev Brown too expensive in keg.' I'at 
3CCollo and Meagan Searles, after hav- 
; a lengthy philosophical conversation, 
cide that 'the beer god is dead' and 
js it doesn't matter. 
Did this caption have any point? 

>, then the horse says...,' 

TiorLori Klasinghasartvj/Zi/goodstorv 

The llectric Slide 

...or something like that. Several of the seniors sway to the tuiic^^'i u.^ U in Store, a local hand 

that has gained some national attention. The senior class council set up the event for the benefit 

of the departing soon-to-be graduates at The Patio in Broadripple. providing free busing as 


'Get away from me, you pervert!' 

Apparently some people just don't like 

cameras. Oh well... the cameraman's 

revenge is that now this look of disdain 

will be spread across Butler. Ha 


Ladies andGentlemen... The President 

President Bannister delivers words of encouragement before handing out the diplomas 

Disco Inferno 

Graduate Amy Pickett struts her stuff 

$80,000 later... 

After four years of parties, classes, road 
trips, and papers, graduate Sam Strohl 
receives his award. 

Dispensing Advice 

...which, if the listener knows senior cl 
president Scott Beier, is subject to revii 
Just make sure to roll vour windows! 
before going through the carwash. 


Are we done yet? 

Even facult\' members get bored. This is 
the students' re\enge for hour after hour 
(... after hour...) of torturous lectures. 

The Next Generation 

Seniors Brian Dodge (left) and Mark EUis 
display their pearly whites. Many stu- 
dents who were foreign-exchange or 
former study-abroad students wore 
sashes to indicate which countr\' they 
lived /studied in. 

Pomp and Circumstance 

The Butler Svmphony Orchestra, dis- 
playing some seniors of its own, pro- 
vided excellent music for the benefit of 
the day's attendees. 

Parent's Eye 'View 

A dressed up Hinkle Field House played host to the first 
Commencement held in its g\ mnasium, providing a satisfac- 
tor\ venue tor begummg a new phase in life. 











Baseball Coach Farley awaits someone to 
hit the target and drop him in the tank after 
the all-sports awards banquet. 

Freshman Rylan Hanje passes the ball to an open team matei 
during an MCC basketball game at Hinkle Fieldhouse. 

The assistant basketball coach gets his revenge on Coach 
Barry Collier, as he throws a tennis ball at a bullseye to 
drop Barrv into the dunk tank. 

Head men's basketball coach, Barry Collier, awaits a dunkmg at 
the all-sports award banquet. 

"I'm the fastest Canadian in the world" savs jun 
winning the men's 13()0m run at the MCC Track Con 

Rob Krar after 
ference Meet. 


"Beat 'em up Dawg!" The Butler 

Bulldog mascot intimidates no one by 
beating up a punching dummy. 

wards Ceremony. Members of Butler athletic teams stand m front "I love basketball!" sa\' threeTelecommunications majors be- 
f their peers after receiving MVP awards for their respective teams. fore tele\ising a men's basketball game. 

let Set ..." Butler swimmers await the gun at a swim meet in the IL I'L 1 natatorium. 

On the courts. Lindsa\- Orth warms up with a partner during the MCC Conference 
The javelin went up there" sa\s innocent track Tournament, 
leet watcher senior Sam Strohl to junior trainer 
ici Kingerv concerning a freak javelin toss.. 


Gaining yards 

Senior Nairn Sanders goes for a first down , 
against St. Francis, Butler won the game, 

Falling dowbefore a touchdown 

A Butler wide receiver makes a recep- 
tion, as a defender falls to his feet, in awe 
of the magnificent catch. 

"Get 'em!" Number 21 gets a little friendly ' SH^ 'J^.' W 

Two Butler defenders go for in for the Butler wide receiver Adam Timm grabs ^ ; 

kill. some air in an attempt to make a comple- '^ 





ould you like a paper or plastic... sack? 

ell, Ihis is a bad moment for freshman DeWayne Ewing, who otherwise made a 
cent entrance as the rookie quarterback. 

rl Scoreboard [ 







Morehead St. 



St. Francis (PA) 








San Diego 











Lindenwood (OT) 33 


Overall Record: 


Pioneer League 


: 1-3 

The Gridiron battle 

The Butler ottensive line prepares tor vet another attempt to gain yards 



The Butler kicker gives the ball a... uh.. 
kick. Go, ball, go! 



Between a rock and a hard place 

This St. Francis running back is getting 
nowhere as several Butler defenders get 
ahold of him. 



Sophomore I.nV.ill Jordnn uses his protective face mask's powers to h 
court at Hinkle- 

(l^g Action Jacl<son 

Freshman point guard Thomas Jackson protects the ball at hall court. 





ger than life 

ior power for wa 
ntuallv led to ar 

rd Mike Marshall, pulls down a rebound with force in a crowded 
Marshall helped lead the Bulldogs to a successful season which 
. Elite 8 apperance in the National Invitational Tournament. 

?^ «^ 

^^ *>^ 

r\ Scoreboard [ 

SW Mi. 


Butler Opp. 

Al Indiana Slali- 
Al BL-lmonl 
At Ev.insvilk- 
Western Kentucky 
Ball State 
Purdue (® MSA) 
Florida State 
Idaho State 
Al Loyola 
At Wright State 
Cleveland State 

rida Inte 

L VV-Milv 

Al UW-Green Bav 


WriRht State- 



Al Br.idlev" 

Old Dominion" 

Al Cli 

Throwing it for free 
Freshman standout Rvlan 
Hainje readies himself for a 
free throw attempt. Hainje's 
outstanding freshman year 
helped the Dawgs tremen- 
dously in the MCC & NIT 

Pre-game Motivation 

The Bulldogs huddle up at the kev before a game. Team 
unitx plaxL'd a major rok- in the Dawgs' outstanding season. 

.And the Bad Dawgs go rabid! 

The rowdiest ot cheering sectit>ns, Barry'i 

Bail Diii('(;s, go crazy after a phenomenal 

dunk by Junior Mike Marshall. The Bad 

Dawgs supported the team with their 

exuberant enthusiasm throughout the 


On the air 

The Bulldogs warm up before their game 
against Detroit, which aired on ESPN. 





Lookin' for a pass 

Freshman center Kelly Kuhn searches for 

an available teammate. 

A heavy gravity day 

Julie Schrader gets up from the floor 
after being fouled 

A-C-T...I-0-N; Action, girls, action! 
...not that the Jock Jams girls had any- 
thing to do with this game. Junior Sarah 
Hurrle gets the rebound as Kristen Bodine 
looks on. 


cuse me, just passing through 

nior AHsun Edgar (akeb the ball to its 




Record Book \-\ 

Seniors Mike Barratt 

(1) and Mike Latois (r) 

celebrate after an 

assist and goal. 



At Kentucky 


At St. Louis 


At St. Louis 


At Indiana University 


Indiana University 






U. of Miss.-St. Louis 


U. of Miss.-St. Louis 










Grand Valley State 


Grand Valley State 


Northern Illinois 


Northern Illinois 






Butler Hockey 1998-1999 

(Top left to right) Mark Barnhart, Kevin Meyer, Dave Burdo, Chris Dietz, Ryan 

Van Zant, Anthony Koperski 

(Bottom left to right) Kyle Kerley, Mike Latois, Dave Johnson, Troy Loyett, 

Doug Reinbold, Andrew Bell, Mike Barratt, Bob Link 

"Don't you ever touch my puck!" se 
Senior Mike Barratt while speeding 
wards the opponent's goal. 

Making the save 

Senior goalie Bob Link guards the net at 
the Pepsi Coliseum, home of the Butler 
Bulldog Hockey Club. 

Senior Mike Latois sl.ips a shot in to the 
back of the net during a practice at the 
Pepsi Coliseum. 





lior George Johns gets a commercial deal with Mountain Dew 

ountiTin Dew gives me all the caffeine and sugars thai I need most during a grueling 
bv match. After sweating it out on the field, there's nothing I love more than 
ning up a 20 ounce bottle and chugging it until the last drop. It replenishes all the 
ural liquids that I've lost from playing rugby and it tastes great, too! Move over 
orade, here comes Mountain Dew! Mountain Dew, the official caffeinated drink 
he Butler Ruby Club." 

p| J\uo6a 

.Members of the Butler Rugby Club discuss the differences betwee 
rugby, Australian rules football, Canadian Football, and American 
footbal during a break in the action against a strong Wabash team. 

Back to work 

lliitler men head back to the held tor more hard hittmi; actio 

In the huddle Lost contact lens 

.Men of the Butler Rugby Club huddle up Members of the Butler Rugby Club and 
before hitting the field. the Wabash Rugby Club gather together ■' 

to search for a lost contact lens. ''; 

] Schedule h 

"Out of my way" says 

Freshman Adam 

Cichostepski runs 

past a Gannon 


Feb. 2(ith 


Feb. 28th 

North Carolina 

Mcir, Sth 

Holv Cross 

Mar. 10th 


Mar. 12 


Mar. 20th 


Mar. 27th 

Ohio St. 

Mar. 30th 

Notre Dame 

Apr. 3 


Apr. 10 


Apr. 16th 

Air Force 

Apr. 24th 

Lovolfl (MD) 

Apr. 25th 




Good defense pays off 

.•\ Biitlor dL'lender stand in the path of a Gannon offensiveman 


Face-off Going for the goal 

Butler and Gannon Lax players face-off Junior Matt McSween\ attacks the goal 
centerfield to start off the game. against defending Gannon. 

Where's the ball 

A group of Butler and Gannon Lax pli: 

ers struggle to gain possession of thebij 






rough after dinking it over the net with her fist. 

(J 6 a 

rl Results 


Sunior Liiura Forrest 
flexes her muscles 
and passes the ball 
to a team mate who 
will then set the ball 
up for another team 
mate to spike the 
ball, thus trying to 
ivin the point and 
then later the game 
and after that the 
entire match -- and 
so the mvsterv 
known as vol'levbail 
i-linallv revealed to 
the general public. 

Ball State 


Eastern Michiga 

Slam! Senior .Amy Pickett spikes the ball against two defending blockers. 


.■\ sophomore ■•et 
ler feeds the ball t 
a hitter. 




You make the call 

A Bulldog base runner 

slides in at third base 

for a close call. 



Western M 











Ball St. 


Wright St. 


Wright St. 


Wright St. 


Wright St. 












Indiana Tech. 












lU-Southeast @ V 

ctory Fi 



Overall Results (29-27 

14-6 MCC) 



- MCC All-Tourr 


Throwing the heat 

Freshman Jason Paul delivers the heat. 

Leading Off 

A Buller Bulldog leads off first base c 
ing a home game against Cleveland : 

Going Yard 

Junior Wes Hoane swings for the fences 
in a game against the University of 

Victory Field 

The Bulldog baseball team huddles up 
before heading out to their positions dur- 
ing a game at Victory Field, home of the 
Indianapolis Indians. 








n a mission 

Buller Bulldog Softball player eyes third base after mundi 








^K^ ^HP '^^ 

6 a 

rl Results 





Cleveland St. 



Overall Record (13-43) 

Tonva Plodder 

Carolyn Stoddard 

Sammi Goldstone 

Jenny Guenther 

Posing with the Big Dawg 

Two Ladv Bulldogs pose with thu 
Butler Bulldog. 

High fives all around 

A Butler women's Softball player celebrates with team mates after driving a 

few runs in. 

Dressed and Ready 

,\ Ladv Bulldog warms-up in the desert 
sun before an awav game against North- 
western in New Mexico. 


A Butler Softball players swings for the 

fences during a home game. 


Slide Tackle Concentration 

A Georgia Southern defender trie? to slide tackle the ball away, but Senior Amy Haag Number 14 con 
is up for the battle 

ittmg the ball before her opponent. 

Her baby "Let me at it" 

Goalkeeper E.B. Larson tightly holds the A Bulldog women's soccer player heads 
ball after making a saye. altertheballduringamatchagainstGeor- 

gia Southern. 





1 Fuego 

Liiiibir 4 checks to see if the ball is still there during a soccer match. 

r] Scoreboard 

Butler Opp. 

Al Tulsa 

Creighlon (8 Tulsa) 
Texas Tech 
Georgia Soulhem 
Al Utah 
New Mexico 
At N'olre Danu- 
Al Purdue 
Al UW-Milwaul^ee 
Al LVV-Crecn Bay 
At Cincinnati 
Wrighl Slate 

At Northwestern 
At Indiana 
At Detroit 
IVriRhl State- 
Overall Record: 
MCC Record: 

• MCC Tournament game 


Junior Erin Murphv doo htr 
Bugs Bunnv impression during 
the middle of an important game. 

On Ihc inuic 

.A Butler women's soccer plaver takes a shot against Georgia Southern. 


Zonkers! Celehi.ilion linic 

Senior Kathv Keating bonks heads with Two women s soccer players embrace 

an opponent while going for a header. after an incredible goal. 


Jjicfe jCo/es 

Hoosier Pride 

The Bulldogs faced in-state 
rival Indiana in the 3rd 
round of the NCAA Tour- 
nament. TheDawgsputup 
a great fight, but lost in two 
overtimes 2-1. The Dawgs 
came the closest in defeat- 
ing the team that would 
then go on to win the Na- 
tional Championship. 

Key Player 

With his game winnmg goal 
against Cincinnati in the 
second round of the NCAA 
tournament, Stephen 
Armstrong moved into 
fourth place for most goals 
in a season in the Butler 
record book. 
Great Goalkeeping 
Goalie Ben Anderson made 
5 saves against Cincinnati 
in the NCAA Tourney. His 
GAA at the time was a mere 
0.71, while chalking up 7 
shutiHits during the \'ear. 

Heading downfield is ii Butler Bull- 
dog with a motive. 

pluu i---..lnic iKkled from behind while niovint; downfield. 

Balance Act 

A Butler soccer player hdlances the ball on his foot before making a fabulous 
bicycle kick. 




Senior Jeremy Harkins concentrates on the ball after juking a defender. 


^at guy is at least 30! 

ian Fo\u'orthy looks to get a piece of the ball but a 30 year old lU "student" recruit 
jm Slime foreign country is in Brian's way. #16 already has a double-chin! And 
hen #16 graduates, he plans on returning to his homeland to resume playing for the 
ofessional soccer team he was on before packing up his bags and heading to lU. 


\-\ Scoreboard 


Cal. Berkele\' 


Ohio St. 

Cleveland St. 


Central Florida 







Wright St 





Wright St. 




■\CA..\ TouriH-\ 






Test of Speed 

Junior Stephen Armstrong gives 
an IL dofendera run for his mone\'. 


Two Butler soccer plavers get tangled amidst their opponents 

Looking for the open man 

SophomoreGiancarlo Barra/a looks for 
team mate near the SLU goal. 

Just doin' It 

Senior Jerenn' 1 larkins strides past a de- 
fender at Kuntz Stadium. 


Scoreboard h 




Jack Negro prepares to 
make the turn at the 
wall during the 100m 
breast stroke. 



At Notre Dame Relay 

5th of 6 




Western Illinois 












Western Kentucky 



UW-Green Bay 






At Vincennes Invite 

4th of 8 

North Dakota iv Fla.) 



At Bill Ritter Invite 

5th of 6 







At Ball State 



At Wright State 



At MCC Championsh 


6th of 6 

Overall Record: 1-11-1 

"Keep your strokes long and strong" 

says Butler swimming coach, Lance Brennan, to the Butler tankers before a big 

Need Oxygen! Down the stretch 

James Grimmer shows his exhaustion Chris Condle, one of Butler's finest goes 

after putting all his effort into his final for the gold! 


On your mark . . . 

James Grimmer stretches on the startii 
block at the lUPU! Natatorium. Bub 
holds its home swim meets at the Natai 
rium throughout the season. 





s my cap on straight"? 
jks Beth Farris to a team mate at the 
ily swim meet in Hinkle Field House 
is season. 

r! Scoreboard |- 




Al Notre Dame Relays 

5lh of 6 




Western Illinois 












Western Kentucky 



L W'-Green Bay 






At Vincenncs Invite 

2nd of 8 

North Dakota (5 Ila.) 



Al Bill Rilter Invite 

4th of 5 







Al Ball Stale 



Al Wright State 



Al MCC Championsh 


6th of 6 

Overall Record: 


Pretty Butterfly 

Sophomore Jeni 
Gutzwiller laps the 
competition in her 
butterfh' e\-ent. 

"So, uh, what arc vou dniiii; Liter nn tonight?" 

T\\\. Bullet vwimiiu-rv v\aU-h the nieel in proi;re- 



Making a splash 
Malinda Harrald spits 
water during a race 

.lul a gallon oi 

Ooh-ah, it's the hackslrokc 

Sara hlillman socks it to them with the 

back stroke. 




\ Results h 



At Indiana St. 

7th of 10 

At Lovola Invite 

4th of 5 

At Notre Dame Invite 

6th of 19 

At Bob Timmons Inv. 

13th of 32 

At Ind. Intercollegiate 

2nd of 28 

At MCC Meet 

1st of 8 

At XCAA Regional Meet 

3rd of 2b 

At NCAA National Meet 

16th of 31 

Julius on the move 

Julius Mvvangi leads the pack 

during a fenced in cross 

country meet, (so what if he 

doesn't go to Butler anymore, 

he did!) 

MCC Champions 
16th overall at NCAA National Meet 

Justin on the move 

Sophomore Justin Young closeK' follows Julius during a Fall meet. 

Nathan on the move 

Sophomore Nathan Thompson runs b 
tvveen Cincinnati & Baylor competitor 

Rob on the move Lincoln on the move 

Junior Rob Krar runs on a golf Junior Lincoln McKinlcy if 
course with competing schools. slowed down bv liis hair. 







o a 



think I'm going to hurl" 

ys Senior Sam Heiman after Assistant 
)ach Jerry Baltes told her to run reallv, 
jlly fast at a pre-meet strategy meeting. 

H Results 


At Indiana St. 

At Loyola Invite 

.At .Notre Dame In\'ite 

.At Bob Timmons Inv. 

.At Ind. Intercolleg. 

At MCC Meet 

.At NCAA Regional Meet 

MCC Champions 

Coach Joe Franklin 

holds the winning 
numbers to the night's 
Hoosier Lotto. 

Running for the love are Meghan Berrier & Erin KilK , Hm. ot Butkr s n 
\\omen's cross country runner^ 

In the pack In the pack 

juniors .Mlison Beard & Meghan Berrier Sam Heiman drafts like racecars to ? 

lead the pack during a women's cress energ\ 

country meet. 

J o 






o a 




Schedule h 

"Run really, really fast" 

says Assistant Coach Jerry 
Baltes to the Butler 
distance runners at a strat- 
egy meeting before their 

Illinois St 

Dec. 12 


Ian. 16 

Stan Lyons Open 

Jan 23 

Smith Barney Invite 

Jan 30 

Cannon IV Classic 

Feb. 5-6 

llliimis Classic 

Feb. 13 

MCC Indoor 

Feb. 1*^ 


Feb. 2b 

NCAA Nationals 

Mar. 5-6 


oor Track 


Alabama Relays 
Notre Dame 
Miami of Ohio 
Sea Ray Relays 
Mt. Sac Relays 
Drake Relays 

Indoor Track 

Dec. 12 

Jan. 16 

Jan 23 

Jan 30 

Feb. 5-6 

Feb. 13 

Feb. 1*^ 

Feb. 26 

i/Iar. 5-6 

ir Track 

Mar. 20 

Mar. 25-27 

April 3 

April 10 

April 10 

April 17 

April 22-24 

Butler MCC Conference Mav 

"This water Is deep . . . and cold" says one Butler runner as he does his best 
Billy Bob Thorton impression as another Butler runner is beheaded by a discus 
gone astra\' 

Making a splash 

Freshman distance runner Jeremy Stc 
jumps a hurdle in the steeple chase e\ 
only to find out thev put a water puc 
on the other side of the hurdle. 

In the pack 

Butler 1500m runners Justin Young & 
Rob Krar stay in the pack during the 
MCC Track & Field Conference Champi- 

Judo Chop 

Junior high jumper Garrett Beatty warms 
up with a scissor kick over the bar before 
his event. 






lior mid-distance runner, Joanna Cerri, 
■ntally prepares for her race at the MCC 
nference Championship meet hosted 
Butler and run at lUPUI. 

rl Schedule 

Illinois St. 

Dec. 12 


Jan. 15 

Stan Lyons Open 

Jan 23 

Smith Barney Invite 

Jan 30 

Cannon IV Classic 

Feb. 5-6 

Illinois Classic 

Feb. 13 

MCC Indoor 

Feb. IM 


Feb. 2h 

NCAA Nationals 

Mar. 3-h 


oor Track 


.Mabama Relays 
\otre Dame 
.Miami of Ohio 
Sea Ray Relays 
Mt. Sac Relavs 
Drake Rela\s 

Mar. 20 

Mar. 25-27 

April 3 

April 10 

April 10 

April 17 

April 22-24 

Put that shot! 

Junior thrower K.C. 
Moore winds up to 
hurl the shot put. 

Butler MCC Conference May 2 

"Track is fun" ■-a\s SoniorCail Sefcik (middle) to team mates .Amy Haag (left) 

Keep on moving, don t stop Strctchini; on 

A Butler runner keeps her lead in Iront of Two Butler hu 

two opponents at the MCC Track & Field hurdle before 

Conference Championship. Hunllc. Iniriilc 

a hurdle 

rdlers stretch t 
their hurdle e 
hiiTiUc. hurdle 

(d a 






] Schedule h 

Fall Schedule 
Butler Invitational 

At Ball State Invitational 
At ITA All American 
At Rolex Regionals 

MCC Tourney Champs 
All MCC : 

Shiomo Shemesh 

Brandon Currie 

Jimmy Borendame 

Alex Kurz 

MCC Newcomer of the year : 

Brandon Currie 

Up for the backstroke 

A Rulldot; aiiirt>tL'r backhands a volley back to the opponent 


A Bulldog tennis plaver serves up som 
thing special for his opponent. 


"That looks in to me" 

says Shiomo Shemesh after stroking a 
winning shot. Shiomo has Butler's 
record for most #1 singles victories in 
a season with 27. 

irvice with a smile 

Butler singles player prepares to serve to her opponent. 



Fall Schedule 

At St. Louis Invitational 


At Detroit Invitational 

At Louisville Invitational 


At Rolex Regionals 

2nd in MCC Tourney 
All MCC : 

Jill Kenamond 
Pamela Rodriguez 
Olivia Pedro 
Molly Figel 
Coach of the year 
Gretchen Doninger 

Coach Gretchen Doninger 

vollevs on the courts at 
Hinkle Field House. 

m. — I — [■ 

Bust your bubble 

junior lill Kenamond practices in front ot the Bubble at Ihnklc 

Vr^I^I^SHiL .t^.A k « VBOGSeiH « 

In IronI of the courts at 1 ouisville rhis racket good!" 

Tennis teatii mates lake some lime out of savs)uniorSarah Karges as she examines 
their day to pose for a tew publicity her racket mid-vollev Looks like there's 

photos. an R\' party taking place behind the 

match, too. 










In Formation 

The dance team performs a number on the Hinkle main court during halftime of a men's basketball game 

"Bring it on!" She likes to move it, move it! 

says Senior Emily Foli during a Fresh- Sophomore Michelle O'Brien makes her 
man Skits dance. bodv into a 'K' while on the 1 linkle main 




a n 

e r 


vlick Mramer holds Leigh Ann Gerber atop his shoulders during 
he National Invitational Tournament basketball game in Hinkle 

Cheerleader Revolution! 

This \ear the cheerleaders 
fought back. They'd had it up 
to here and they weren't going 
to take it anymore. Thus, the 
Cheerleader Re\-olution began. 
The cheerleaders decided they 

•ere no longer going to cheer 
at Butler e\ents because of a 
coaching decision that Butler 
made. The cheerleaders were 
not pleased with this decision, 
and therefore walked. How- 
ever, the cheerleaders did at- 
tend many events before their 
strike. The Cheerleader Union 
also reached an agreement with 
Butler and cheerleaders were 

nee again heard yelling at 
Butler sportini^ events 


Barry's Bad Dawgs "Kick that ball!' 

The cheerleaders stand in front of the Yell Butlercheerleadersata Butlermen's 

Barr\'s Bad Daxvgs cheering section, dis- soccer game at Kuntz Stadium, (hon- 

abling the first two rows of fans from estly, cheerleaders at a soccer game???) 
viewing the game. 

C /) 



e r s, 


Top Dawgs 

(1 to r) The IM Chairmen of Phi Kappa Psi display their Top Dawg Team trophv while 
standing with IM coordinators Kelly Nibel and her assistant Erhi. The Top Dawg 
trophv is awarded to the fraternity or housing unit that wins the most events and 
thus earns the most pomts from everv IM event throughout the year The female 
auard uas a\\arded to the ivomen ot Alpha Chi Omega 

Here's the pitch 

A member of the ResCo/Commuter IM Softball team pitche 
^ames at the IM fields. IM IM IM. 

during an IM softbci 

"Another day, another dollar" 

think two women of Alpha Chi after participating in a Co-Rec basketball game 


Staying competitive & in shape with 


A IM Volleyball participant fists the ball over the net wil 
powerful force. 

zing delusions of grandeur and talking to 
rking on 100 pages of this yearbook alone, 
sent. "Hellc ... is this Charier . . . " 

and thev have a right 
e (although no 

It to represent the opin- , , . , ■ .1 • 

of people that might Local squirrels voice their opmions Oil 
J** in general 

-ues, lite, and about being a squirrel 

love the campus benches. Everywhere I go 
an find one. There must he o milHon of 
■m" commented Biz the Squirrel. 

"Being a squirrel tin tiutler's campus isnt so b,id, althoui;li 
sometimes I t\iii t liiui a quiet place to sleep. I can climb up 
trees sideuavs, too." commented Squeekv Squirrel. 

"Damn squirrel 

"Sometimes you have to accept the had, but focus on the 

good. Sure, Buller is a small campus, but it has a lot to offer 

tor everyone, even us squirrels. 1 think Jorge Luis Borges 

explained it best by saying 'Nothing is built on stone; all is 

built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone.' So 

go start building things with whatever sand you can find. 

I have a real furry tail." Fred the squirrel. "Sometimes, when the squirrels aren't looking, 1 like to sneak up 

behind them and jump on for a ride, until thev buck me off like a 
bull would to a cowboy. You're probablv wondering how 1 
practice for such an enthralling event, well that's where this here 
stuffed reindeer comes into the picture" explained a fictitious 
student that resembles 4th year pharmacy major, Rosanne Cull. 

.immented a local ■ 

Big Willy Style 
Freshman Will 
Barnhart visits 
the Kappa 

house looking 
fora little Kappa 
Love, and in- 
stead gets an 
m a k e o \' e r . 
That's a good 
U>ttk for vtiu, 

"Where's my 
cup" asks 
n n \ 
Searles. If 
you don't 
know lennv, 
we're not tell- 
ing you. 

L B.n. 

1 L n 1 d e n t i f i e d 
Band Drummer) 
This band drum- 
mer went uniden- 
tified the entire 
year So whoever 
you are & wher- 
ever you may be, 
remember to keep 
smiling & banging 
those tirums (but 
lose the little 
leather thing on the 

Happy Pierre Silly Pierre 

it's he doing? 

till haven't figuredout what exactly Pierre is doing, but since we 
these classic photos in this year's collection and didn't want 
1 to go to waste, the Drift staff decided to make an emotional 
line, in dedication to senior Pierre Ruffins hand sign "dance". 

Constipated Pierre 

Angr>' Pierre 

Nearing the end 

^^ [llJ li^ Lj^ u l/U CL 


Out of the . . . 

Enjoying their last week 

Seniors KelliHendrickson,Katherini'SleKin,&|ohnMessnerli\e it up during Senior 


V 1^ - 

1 rafe|,ns 

lie / 


HTA / 

f. ^ 

"Are you talking to me?" 

Yearbook advisor Da\id Clark tells his computer who's in charge. 

Block Party 

Meg Prunty (back right) talks to Karen Kolks about the upcoming school year 
during Block Party. 

Makin' his move. 

or leremv Stutsman 
makes his move on an 
unsuspecting Mai|a 

riu'\ groove. Frt'!.hmen Heather Castle & Becky Butler show their mo\' 
ui tile J.ince platlnrm. 

\lmost home. A meniLx'riit Koppa Kappa Cimma travels across the Schwitzer 

All alone. A member of the women's \ollcyball team stands alone, next to a 
trash can. 

Sophomore Chad Stegemiller gives a tour ol campus to luture Butler treshnien. 

The Butler Cheerleaders attempt to fire up the crowd 
duriiii; a lootball game 



Mr. Butler Senior Cutler Armstrong 

proudly displays his "Mr. Butler" banner 
on the ResCo balcony. 

Oh my God! Byron Barton, Jason Whitmer, & Adam Timm stare 
at the camera as Greg Bovenkirk (top left) expresses his shock at 
seeing President Bannister walk into the room — totatally nude. 
(Tastefully done, of course. That's important — to be tasteful.) 

Lampshades. Robb Minich, Matt Ashbrock, and Quinn 
Bryan ask their dates to "turn them on". 

Senior Kappas (left to right) Anna-Lisa Abad, Kathi Keating, 
Holly Fiercy & Megan Farley celebrate Senior Nite in Broad 


Senior Thetas gather for a photo during a Christmas party. 

"It smells so good!" sa\s Scott Beier to 
Pat Broccolo of the wonderful smelling 
flower they both shared. 

Not the Phi house! Although it looks exactly like the Alpha 
Phi house, it is definitely not a Senior house party in one of the 
rooms of the Alpha Phi house. 

"Come here, baby!" savs josh Masariu to Emih^ Glatfelter while 
dancing atop the hidianapolis Indians' dugout. The dancing 
couple lost the competition to Seniors Sam Strohl & Kim Kutska. 

"And the winners are ..."Ambra 
Haake & Lori Klasing prepare to 
announce the winners of the Delta 
Gamma Anchor Splash. 

Are all of those yours? A group of Lambda Chi seniors li\'e 
it upat Victor\' Field during the second night of Senior Week. 

"This shower is okay." sa\s 
bathroom inspector Andv 
Dillingham during his inspection 
of the Alpha Phi bathrooms. 

Senior IVIike Pflugner finishes his 
walk across the stage during 
Commencement to officially become 
a graduate and an alumni. 

"Finally, my diploma!" thinks a Butler 
graduate after 4 \ ear^ ^A hard work at Butler. 

"Hello. ..Hello. ..Hello!" Peter Bower, Bilh Bradley, & Pat Broccolo imitate the Three 
Stooges as the\- head out of the West G\ m in the direction o\ the main floor of Hinkle 
durinii Commencement. 


Allison Akers 

Nadia Amruso 

Cutler Armstrong 

Joy Aschenbrener 

Matthew Ashhrock 

Delia Askew 

Andrew Autajav 

Rebecca Balvich 

Kellev Barber 

Nina Barchha 

Jetfrev Barnd 
Krystal Barnes 

Kristin Baric 

Miriam Barr 

Alice Bartanen 

Laura Beeson 

Scott Beier 

Sara Belzowski 

Timothy Best 

Lesley Blumthal 

Sarah Bohl 

Meghan Boots 

William Bradley 

Rachel Brantley 

Amy Brooks 

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems 
like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems 
like a minute. THAT'S relativity. 

-Albert Einstein 


^ Linsey Brown 
Neil Bruns 
Quinton Brvan 
Stacia Buechler 
Sheronn Burrow 

Hillary Buschelman 
Dana Busco 
Pamela B\ers 
Courtney Caress 
Kelly Carroll 

Jill Carter 
Ashlie Casey 
Jennifer Chan 
Mark Churchill 
Amy Cich 

Jill Cichorz 
Chelsey Cindric 
Sarah Cole 
Kristina Collier 
Sandra Conard 

Sean Conrad 
Christine Coppadge 
Mia Corsaro 
Rosanne Cull 
Christina Dailey 


rime is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its 

- Hector Berlioz 


Tenille Da\ is 

Eric DeVVitt 

Shannon Dillard 

Andv Dillingham 

Shelhe Dixon 

Caroline Doerfler 

Sarah Donoghue 

Dana Dorn 

Kathrvn Duche 

Maura Dwver 

Catina Dykes 

Angela Eckstein 

Patricia Edwards 

Cheryl Eggleton 

Mark Ellis 

David Endre 

Erica Espel 

Christina Ezell 

James Fallahay 

Shannon Fiske 

Karen Fluck 

Todd Foeckler 

Emily Foli 

Melissa Ford 

Laura Forrest 

I argue very well. Ask any of my remaining friends. I can 
win on any topic, against any opponent. People know this, 
and steer clear of me at parties. Often, as a sign of their 
great respect, they don't even invite me. - Dave Barry 



Emily Frechette 
Amv Frederick 
Todd Gernadv 
Andrea Ger^■ak 
Bjorn Gieseck 

Emily Clatfelter 
Danielle Goodman 
Sabrina Gorbett 
Adam Goss 
Elizabeth Gross 

Ambra Haake 
Melissa Haft 
Michael Haisten 
Marnye Hall 
Natalie Hallal 

Benjamin Hallev 
N'icloria Hammond 
Stephen Hartlev 
Andrew Hassler 
Blair Havuard 

Brian Healey 
Samantha Hoiman 
Jodi Hendricks 
Kelli Hcndrickson 
Lisa Hcnnings 

either want less corruption, or more chance to participate 

- Ashleigh Brilliant 


Jill Herridge 

Jeremiah Hirsch 

Tina Hobbs 

Eric Hoefflin 
Allison Hoetzel 

John Horvath 

Kristen Hummer 

Deirdre Hutton 

Stephanie Inniger 

Nikola Ivankovic 

Luara Jacobson 

Gina James 

Colin Johns 

George Johns 

Torrey Johnson 

Robert Johnston 

Amber Jones 

Michael Julius 

Emilv Jungers 

Thomas Kaminski 

Sonya Keinath 

Jennifer Kimpel 

Dalia King 

Sarah Kirkpatnck 

James Kissling 

As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially 
profitable to dispense it. 

- Dick Cavett 


Lori Klasing 
Angel Klaus 
Amy Kla\iter 
Emily Kleier 
Kellev Kleinknight 

Cara Koch 
Erika Koegler 
Caryn Kr\sa 
Amanda Kurtli 
Kimberlv Kutska 

Marie Lai 
Cynthia Lawson 
Jason Leet 
lenniter Legg 
Melissa Lemberg 

Theena Lewis 
Allison Liechh' 
Robert Link 
Stephanie Lo 
Am\' Lothridge 

Jessica Mahone 
Gina Marchino 
Kelly Marshall 
Emilee Martin 
loshua Masariu 

^rora now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is 
iomething with which I will not put. 

- Winston Churchill 


Kristin Mason 

Ann McFarland 

Deborah McKee 

Colleen McNaughton 

Alan McNeer 

Lisa McQueen 

John Messner 

Robb Minich 

Jaime Mitchell 

Stacv Monesmith 

Lisa Morris 

Matthew Mougey 

Lesley Nearpass 

Stacy Newman 

Karen Novak 

Courteny Nuss 

Ryan O'Mara 

Leah Oaldon 

Thomas Oestreich 

Sommer Ogle 

Andrea Orlowski 
Mike Ososki 

Highland Owens 
Andrea Peet 

Michael Ptlugner 

Education is a method whereby one acquires a higher 
grade of prejudices. 

- Laurence J. Peter 





Amy Pickett 
Katherine Pictor 
Grant Price 
Carrie Prout\- 
Elizabeth Prusak 

Allison PuUiam 
Andrea Queen 
Shannon Ramev 
Shannon Regan 
Gretchen Reitsnvder 

Christina Richardson 
Scott Richardson 
Kimberly Rinehart 
William Rizzo 
Megan Roberts 

Kristin Robinson 
Meredith Roney 
lason Roth 
Andrea Rybarczyk 
Meredith Samson 

Rae Sanbloom 
trie Schilling 
Sara Schrielfer 
Kyle Schwingendort 
Tanika Scott 

rhe only thing I was fit for was to be a writer, and this no- 
ion rested solely on the suspicion that I would never be fit 
"or real work, and that writing didn't require any 

- Russell Baker 


Meagan Searles 

Rvan Sebastian 

Gina Segally 

David Shanklin 

Shlomo Shemesh 

Jasmin Shoemaker 

Katie Sillanpa 

Joli Simmons 

Heather Simnick 

Katherine Sloan 

Courtney Slocum 

Angela Smith 

Christina Smith 

Farrah Smith 

lill Smith 

Kevin Smith 

Megan Smith 

Meghan Smith 

Sarah Sorge 

Michele Stack 

David Stark 

Jill Steenstrup 

Heather Stevifart 

Dawn Strawbridge 

Kristin Strawhun 

Truly great madness can not be acheived without 
significant intelligence. 

- Henrik Tikkanen 


Q P ^ 


Samuel Strohl 
Catherine Switalski 
Staci Sytsma 
Andrea Taff 
Alvsia Tavlor 

Martin Thalman 
Bradlev Thompson 
Kathleen Tiernev 
Rebecca Tillou 
Marsha Trov 

Giacomo Ungaro 
Thomas Urick 
Amv V'anArsdol 
Ashlev X'aughan 
Kendra \'inson 

Lisha V'onEhwegen 
Amy Vonderheide 
Am\' V'oss 
Kelh' Weaver 
Lori Weber 

Amanda Weis 
Shannon Whelan 
Deanna Whitaker 
Jason Whitmer 
Lori Wilds 

rhe greatest pleasure iii life is doing what people say you 
:annot do. 

- Walter Bagehot 


Lisa Wright 

Brian Young 

Michael Young 

Rachel Zahrbock 

Corev Zarse 

Two female students 
sunbathe on a beautiful 
spring day on the 
immaculately mani- 
cured lawn located 
between the Residential 
College and the 
Atherton Student Union 
which, as we all know, 
is a very commonly 
filled with students 
occupying their time 
with fun and recre- 
ational activities includ- 
ing such sports as 
Ultimate Frisbee and ... 
um , well just Frisbee. 

Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the 

- Edward R. Murrow 


Love makin' music 

(1 to r) Dan Dyer, 
Vincent Jackson, & 
Robert Coates fill the 
typical silence of a 
Sunday afternoon with 
their unique percussion 

Andy Backs and Greg 
Weitekamp skate the 
night away during a 
>ocial e\ent sponsored 
b\' one of the student 
groups on campus. The 
cup, by the wav, is NOT 
tilled with sweet, 
delicious beer - the \-erv 
nectar of the Gods. 

^ witty saying proves nothing. 

- Voltaire 




"Hey, let's stand on the side of the road" says 
Junior Andrea McClain to Carol\n Redar. 

Ohwhat, wow! She's the greatest dancer! 

Freshman Katie Kurtz performs her "Strike dance" during a Cosmic 
BowUng night out. 

We be Clubbin'! Julie lloward & Brian Rock brave the 
possibility of food pt>isoning and eat food at the C-club. 

Judgement Day! Phi Psi pledges rate the sorority pledge classes 
during Freshman Skits held in the Reilly Room. 

^-JE Baby G's. (1 to r) Meg Riner, Ashley Cross, & Molly 

Wh.ff! The ball is at the la, nght ot the photo, vet Heather Clunie is ^^^^^^ ^,^^,^^, j,^^,,^ ^^^;^ ^^,^j^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ f^^t^all 

I CO still swinging at a non-existent ball. Looks like a whiff to the Drift staff. , „ 

\3C o o game. 

Ready for dinner! Five Kappas stop for a plioto before heading 
downtown for dinner. 

Go protect and serve or something! Members of li^D take time 
ou t of their busy days to play cards and drink soda with students 
on the ResCo balcony. (I feel safe) 

Hittin' the weights, junitir John VVatkins works out \\ ith the new 
free weights in tlie .Atherton Fitness Center. 

"Hey, are those the tests answers for the final exam?" sa\s the 
Butler guv standing behind two Butler girls. 

Not Happ\'. Two Schwit/er ladies \\ Iik w nr not \ i'i\ ,ippu\ i.itn r ,ii ■. 'ir 
"Lookin'good,Sailor!"sa\ssophomorekristen picture taken scurr\ awa\ after speaking profanities to the camera person. 
Griffin to 'sophomore josh Harrison during Delta 
Gamma .Vncluir Splash. 


April Abara 

Joshua Abel 

Kara Abel 

Amanda Adams 

Laura Adams 

Lynne Adamson 

Colleen Aherne 

Andrea Albee 

Kent Alcantra 

Katie Alexander 

Megan Alexander 

Anthony Allen 

Marci Allen 

Matthew Allen 

Sherard Allen 

Shannon Allgeier 

Sara Alvey 

Anna Americanos 

Chad Amos 

Amv Anderson 

Elizabeth Anderson 

Heather Anderson 

Jamie Anderson 

Nicholas Anderson 

Shannon Anderson 

Victoria Anelli 

Stacey Armbrecht 

Collin Armstrong 

Shalin Arnett 

Kimberly Auberger 

Kimberly Austin 

Kelly Baas 

Lindsay Babik 

Andrea Backs 

Michelle Backs 

Lisa Baer 

Christina Baich 

Jessica Baker 

Molly Baker 

David Bakker 

Brandy Baldwin 

Peter Baldwin 

Karen Barlo 

George Barnes 

Kathryn Barnes 

William Barnhart 

Justm Bartlett 

Lindsey Barton 

Shannon Basford 

Belmda Baynes 

Nathan Baynes 

Cara Beatty 

Molly Beaver 

Olivia Beaver 

Bethany Beebe 

Kristin Behrens 

Michelle Beitzel 

William Belleperche 

Kip Benbow 

Brad Bennc 

Christopher Berju 

Heather Berkey 

Meghan Berrier 


Melissa Bieker 
Kara Birrer 
Ryan Bishop 
Sarah Bishop 
Valerie Bitzenhofer 
Amanda Blackman 
Lisa Bloomer 

Krista Blosser 
Kristen Bodine 
Shanna Bohdan 
Amanda Bokhart 
Michelle Bolinger 
Lisa Bonnell 
ason Bonlrager 

Jennifer Borchardt 
Lindsay Borman 
Carolyn Born 
Kendra Bosley 
Laurie Bo\sman 
Seidina Boyd 
Tayisha Boyd 

lessica Bradley 
Jenniter Brand 
Catherine Brazda 
Rachel Brimberry 
Brianne Brockman 
Holly Brooks 
William Broshears 

Erin Brown 
Kara Brown 
Katherine Brown 
Kristin Brown 
Tara Brown 
Brandon Bruning 
Amanda Bruninga 

Deanna Brunner 

ssica Bryant 
Rebecca Bucalos 
Erin Buchanan 
Stacy Bulan 
Dayid Bullington 
An'w Rumgardner 

Hllcn Stclk shares a laugh 
with friend Laura Cook 
outside of Schwitzer Hall 
on a brisk fall afternoon. 


Jennifer Burgei 

Mychela Burke 

Erin Burton 

Becky Butler 

Beth Butler 

Jennifer Butler 

Katasha Butler 

Suzanne Butler 

Joshua Butterfield 

Jeremy Caimens 

Holly Cain 

Kari Calabrese 

Rebecca Callahan 

Brenna Campbell 

Christy Campbell 
Karen Capper 
Angelina Carbonero 
Stephanie Carowan 
Tonva Carroll 
Marra Carson 
Daniel Carter 

Melanie Carter 

Erin Casey 

Heather Castle 

Kendra Champion 

Sarah Christie 

Angela Christman 

Debra Christy 

Clarissa Chumley 
Jennifer Claudy 
Amanda Clements 
Amber Clouse 
Heather Clunie 
Kelly Cochran 
Seth Cockrum 

Sarah Cole 

Tamara Coleman 

Sarah Collister 

Amy Connett 

Amber Connolly 

Jeffrey Cook 

Laura Cook 

Cathleen Coppadge 

Kristin Cosby 

Rachael Cotherman 

Nicole Cothern 

Stephanie Cox 

Jeffrey Cragun 

Lerov Crawdaddy 

Shelley Crawford 

Carla Cree 

Kristin Cripe 

Dana Crosby 

Ashley Cross 

Donna Culhane 

Aaron Culp 

Beyerly Cutter 

Shelly Cyetan 

Jennifer Cyr 

Margaret Daigneau 

Kristen Dale 

Anthony Dan'Ivan 

Melissa Dans 


Sigma Chis put the 
finishing touches on their 
chariot before their big 

\ k\^hiMM 

Jason Davidson 
Kelly Davis 
Susan Davis 
Tyler Davis 
Joy De Bow 
Johna De Nap 
Krislen De Paul 

Theresa De Paul 
Deca De Witt 
Blake Dearing 
Jeffrey Desing 
Penny Desjarlais 
Tara Deters 
Sarah Detzel 

Jennifer Devereaux 
Stacv Dezsi 
Lvndsev Dinkel 
Joshua Dobbs 
Doris Dobrich 
Mollv Donohoo 
Daniel Dougan 

Jarod Downing 
Janai Downs 
Sarah Downs 
Bethany Drennan 
Rebecca Drumniy 
Megan Duffner 
Amv Dugan 

Bianca Dumas 
Karen Dunlap 
Alisvn Dunn 
John Dunn 
Jennifer Dvdo 
Elizabeth Earley 
lennifer Easterdav 

Laura Eberhard 
Trisha Eberle 
Keri Ecksersall 
Tracv Edmondson 
Erica Edwards 
\ alerie Egel 
Katherinc Eggleslon 


Jane Eikenberrv 

Betsv Elder 

Sallv Emery 

Francis Esguerra 

Michaela Essling 

Dan Faesi 

Chuck Falallala 

Valerie Fandl 

Desiree Farra 

Lisa Farrer 

Emily Farthing 

Erin Favro 

Emily Fav 

Fleather Fekete 

Jamie FelUng 
Nicole Feltz 
Kate Fenneman 
Ellen Ferringer 
Shannon Fields 
Kathrvn Fischer 
Lora Fledderjohann 

Bethany Foland 

Ohvia Foil 

Stephanie Foresman 

Andrea Fox 

Rebecca Fox 

Stephanie Frain 

Theresa Frechette 

Fern Freed lander 

Elizabeth Freeman 

Kelly Fust 

Amy Gackenheimer 

Christopher Gahl 

Liz Gulante 

Erin Gallagher 

Adam Garrison 

Ryan Garrison 

Stephanie Garwood 

Melanie Gensert 

Cara Gephardt 

Mary Gettes 

Andrea Gibson 

Andrew Giesler 
Malachi Gillihan 
Eric Girardot 
Margaret Goatlev 
Andrew Golomb 
Breann Gonzalez 
Sarah Good 

Susan Gordon 
Kara Gramm 
Katie Gravies 
Elizabeth Gregori 
Leah Gregorio 
Kristen Griffin 
Mollv Grimes 

Sarah Grunwaldt 

Brian Gryn 

Emily Guenin 

Jennette Guenther 

Mary Guetschow 

Leah Guffev 

Alison Hagenhach 



Bradley Hallal 
Kara Hamburg 
Amv Hamilton 
John-Curds Hammerle 
Krista Hamner 
Sean Hampton 
Libbv Harmon 

Joshua Harrison 
Jill Hauser 
Nicole Hazara 
Stephanie Head 
Laura Hacker 
Kelly Hackett 
Rebecca Hagenow 

Sallie Hahn 
Brian Hainley 
Joseph Haley 
Susan Halev 
Katherine Hall 
Bethany Heaton 
Eva Hecimovich 

Joseph Henry 
Kimberly Herbert 
Belvia Hiadari 
Teila Higgins 
Marcy Hill 
Dana Hipp 
Vaughn Hoban 

Angela Hochtritt 
Stacy Hodge 
Katie Holland 
Erika Hollenbeck 
Lacv Hollowav 
Amanda Hook 
Erin Hooker 

Amanda Horvath 
Deborah Howard 
Julie Howard 
Lauren Howard 
Kelly Howell 
Rebecca Hoy 
Ann 1 Irivnak 

(L to R) Tlu' Aiiiv 
Dublin, Kristin Belirens, 
Christina Schutz, Amanda 
Tugglo, Stacv Liens, And 
Melissa VVessel show their 
Butler spirit at the home- 
ct>ming fontball gaine^ 


Jennifer Huber 
Jennifer Hubertz 
Carrie Huisingh 
Megan Huisingh 
Amanda Hunter 
Elizabeth Hurt 
Suzanne Husman 

Amy Hvduk 
Jillian Hylen 
Erika Inniger 
Michelle Isaacs 
Hollv JacJcman 
Eddie Jackson 
Frank Jackson 

Kellv Jackson 
Scott Jacobson 
Aimee Janssen 
Carrie Johnson 
David Johnson 
David Johnson 
David Johnson 

Rebecca Johnson 

Shavon Johnson 

Jacqueline Jones 

Nicole Jordan 

Rachel Jurkiewicz 

Briana Jury 

Minal Kadakia 

Kathervn Kalb 

Michael Kaltenmark 

Lauren Karch 

Sarah Karges 

Michelle Kasten 

Kristin Kathman 

Amy Keenan 

Kara Keller 

Heather Kelsch 

Jill Kenamond 

Jill Kendall 

Jessica Kennedy 

Kvle Kerley 

Aliva Khan 

Allvson Kiesel 

Melissa Kinder 

Jaci Kingery 

Rebecca Kinney 

Meghan Kisch 

"Roxv Kish 

Amanda Klingerman 

Rachel Knepp 

Sara Knoll 

Andrew Knopfmeier 

Sara Knostman 

Lisa Koelikamp 

Jill Koenen 

Stephanie Kohnen 

Emily Kolenda 

Karen Kolks 

Rebecca Kollatz 

Lindsay Koselke 

Jessica Krafft 

Kathryn Kreger 

Sara Kreischer 


Freshman pause for a 
photo during a tour of 
Butler's campus. Wel- 
come Week offers man\' 
opportunities to the 
incoming students in an 
attempt to make them 
more familiar with the 
new college lifestyle. 

Timothy KruU 
Kelli Kruse 
.Allison Kuebler 
.•\le\andra Kuehme 
Kellv Kuhn 
Kristin Kulpinski 
Shelbv La Barbara 

Rebecca Landvogt 
Megan Lane 
Rachael Lanigan 
.Amanda Lantz 
Kimberlv Lause 
Kenneth Laxvrance 
Clav Lawson 

Rebecca Lawson 
Jennifer Lazo 
Shea Leek 
Leslie Lehman 
Stacy Leins 
Angela Lengerich 
Megan Lentine 

Megan Leopold 
Kamilah Lewis 
Allison Lightner 
Saniantha Lineberger 
Denise Linn 
Keri Linton 
Leslie Linvill 

Sarah Lochner 
Jessica LoUino 
.Adam Long 
Carrie Lynn 
Chad Lvnn 
Lindsay MacAlliste 
Andrew MachI 

(ill Mackev 
Laura Maher 
Elizabeth Main 
Sarah Malowski 
Heather Mamer 
.Amy Manaugh 
Melissa Vlanson 

Jennifer Marcum 

Trevor Marienau 

Katharine Markese 

Allison Markev 

Luke Marquard 

Amanda Martensen 

Chad Martin 

Meghan Martin 

Amber Martindale 

Brian Mascari 

Scott Mathison 

Angela Michel 

Lisa Massey 

John Maurovich 

Traci Maust 

Andrea McClain 

Mandv McClearv 


Jennifer McConnell 

Wade McCov 

Julie McDowell 

Barbara McGlone 

Jennifer Mclntvre 

Erin McKennv 

Meredith McKinnev 

Leslie McLeary 

EUy McMahan 

Meghan McMahon 

Grant Meachum 

Catherine Means 

Michelle Mehlan 

Joanna Menendez 

Iirin Menley 

Jennifer Mercho 

Madagascar Mephastopholes 

Anne Meuler 

Catherine Meyer 

Jeffrey Micek 

Carlin Mikos 

Michael Miles 

Elizabeth Miller 

Katherine Miller 

Kathryn Miller 

Rachel Miller 

Stefani Miller 

Wendv Miller 

Lauren Minert 

Elizabeth Miyashiro 

Jane Moczydlowski 

Meaghan Mohr 

Cristel Mohrman 

Michelle Moree 

Meghan Morgan 

Sarah Morin 

Jennifer Morse 

Stacv Moser 

Jennifer Mosqueda 

Mark Mougev 

Derk Mueller 

Lennea Mull 

Donald MuUis 

Alison Murphv 

Erin Murphv 


f* 9, ^ 



Katherine Murray 
N'ickolas Musial 
Melanie Musilli 
Jennifer Mvers 
Erika Mi,-hre 
Charinne N'ativo 
Debra Neal 

Megan Neelv 
Gretchen Xeft 
Katherine N'ena 
Kathrvn Nevins 
Karen Newkirk 
KathrvTi Ne^vlin 
Kathrvn N'ewman 

Carolyn Nguyen 
Thu Nguyen 
Erin Nichols 
Russel Nichols 
Jenny Noble 
Emily Nord 
Michelle O'Brien 

Kristv O'Brien 
Lisa O'Keete 
Brian O'Neill 
Justin Ohlemiller 
Jessica Orchowski 
Christina Ori 
Lindsay Orth 

Elizabeth Osborne 
Heather Osborne 
April Ott 
Lisa Overton 
Amanda Ouens 
Tracy Paczkowski 
Erin Papenluss 

Megan Park 
Laura Partridge 
\ilesh Patel 
N'ictoria Patten 
Nathan Perdue 
Amy Petermann 
Carev Peterson 

uniiir DdN'e Bnkker cools 
oft in the fountain after 
competing in the Greek 
Oh'inpics. Ha\'ing been at 
one time a coilegiate-le\el 
swimmer, tiie fountain 
offered Httle challenge. 


Erin Peterson 

Nicole Peterson 

Michelle Pevrot 

Amy Pfanschmidt 

Sarah Phelps 

Amanda Piker 

Sarah Pinkerton 

Jamie Pittman 

Alexander Pittslev 

Joshua Plank 

Joseph Pletcher 

Amanda Foast 

Kammie Poe 

Lisa Powers 

Allison Price 

Kirsten Price 

Meaghan Pruntv 

Carolyn Quigley 

Danielle Raab 

Regan Rastetter 

lamie Ran 

Belh Rav 

Carolyn Redar 

Lisa Reichelderfer 

Brooke Reid 

Tracy Reilly 

Ehren Ressel 

Amy Rexroth 

Jennifer Reynolds 
Aaron Riegle 
Amy Righton 
Megan Riner 
Patience Ringler 
Adam Ritter 
Nicole Rizzo 

Mark Robb 

Kelly Robbins 

Jennifer Roberts 

Amanda Robertson 

Victoria Robson 

Brian Rock 

Brent Rockwood 

Carrie Rode 

Corrine Roesener 

Beth Rogers 

Kari Rollins 

Jennifer Romanek 

Carolyn Roos 

Nicole Rosenberger 

Megan Rtw 

Stephen Royster 

Denise Ruehrschneck 

Susan Rueth 

Kelli Rutherford 

Katherine Rybak 

Aimee Sadler 

Pamela Sailing 

Sarah Samuels 

Laura Sander 

Carla Sanders 

Amy Sarah 

Emily Scavu/zo 

Emily Schindler 


(L to R) Delta Gamma 
Housebovs Darvl 
Eckstein, Quinn Brvan, 
Josh Harrison, Scott 
Al\'e\', Brian Dodge, and 
Andv Dillingham prepare 
tor their lucrati\e future 
careers as burger-tlippers. 

k- Mm 

Amy Schloot 
Patrick Schmiedt 
Jocelyn Schneider 
Kelly Schneider 
Heidi Schoffstall 
Amanda Schroeder 
Janet Schroeder 

Tamara Schwoebel 
Dana Schubeler 
Christina Schutz 
Lindsav Seagert 
Jenny Searles 
Kristi Sechman 
Brigid Segerson 

Christine Seller 
April Seketa 
Kimberlv Sellers 
Karen Sells 
Jason Senese 
Nicholas Shannon 
Katherine Shull 

Graziella Siciliano 
Beth Siherman 
Am\' Simeri 
Eric Simmons 
Jessica Siudyla 
Jana Sizemore 
Hilary Sjoberg 

Courtney Sklare 
Nadine Slovak 
Corev Smentek 
Courtney Smith 
Eric Smith 
Erica M. Smith 
lustin Smith 

Kelly Smith 
Sara Smith 
Syhana Sok 
Melissa Sonaty 
Shanna Souter 
Nicholas Sproull 
Kamiin Sprunge 


Margaret Stagg 

Florian Stamm 

Jeremy Stacy 

Michael Staver 

Amber Stearns 

Chad Stegemiller 

Ellen Stelk 

Kimberly Stephenson 

Anne Sterling 

Ryan Stevens 

Tara Stevens 

Matthew Stevenson 

Valerie Stewart 

Zacharv Stewart 

Molly Stoike 

Krysten Stotts 

Jason Strachman 

Kelleen Strutz 

Amy Studley 
Bradley Sturm 

Nicole Suhre 

Catherine Sularski 

Mark Sullivan 

Katherine Sutfin 

Mindy Swan 

Wesley Swanson 

Jennifer Sydor 

Megan Tavlor 

Jennifer Tepke 

David Terry 

Lisa Thomas 

Stacy Thomas 

Kasey Thompson 

Kate Thurston 

Jamie Todd 

Robvn Tom 

Amanda Tracy 

Kristen Tribbett 

Amanda Tucker 

Anne Tucker 

Amanda Tuggle 

Dana Turner 

Katherme Turner 

Kristma Turner 

Christina Ullman 

Adam Underbill 

Lena Vachiarasomboon 

Amy Vaerewyck 

Matthew Van 

Ann Catherine Van Lone 

Neil Vandegrift 

Keith Vandeventer 

Michael Vanlandinghman 

Maranda Varga 

Sandv Vasmatics 

kellv Veatch 

Steven Vedra 

Amy Vest 

Jennifer Vrabec 

Melanie Wagner 

Jonathan Wainscott 

Ehsa Wall 

Ryan Wallace 


Victoria Wallingford 
Amanda Walsh 
Ryan Walsh 
Daniel Walter 
Audra Walters 
Maija Walters 
Mitchell Walters 

Susan Warburton 
Curtis Warner 
Melissa Warner 
lim Warrener 
Megan Warshol 
Jason Weatherly 
Elizabeth Wehrkamp 

Laura Welch 
Melissa Werner 
Melissa Wessel 
Sara Wessel 
Jennifer Wheat 
Melissa Whicker 
Enrique Whickerbasquet 

Jeffrv Whitcomb 
Alecia White 
Barbara Whiteman 
Christina U'hithani 
\'anessa Whitmor 
Tara Wiebusch 
Amy Wiercnga 

Jamie Wilfong 
Tracv Wilhite 
MolU- Williams 
Leslie Wilson 
Rob\-n Wilson 
Maike Winter 
Allison Winters 

Hrin Witt 
Laura WoKertiin 
Am\' Womer 
Kari Wosman 
Heather Wright 
Mary Beth Wright 
Mark Wuellner 

Three friends enjo\' food 
and con\'ersation at the 
Kappa Kickoff picnic 
dinner, outside ot tlie 
Kappa House. 


I*--. j^ ^' '/Mff^ - V 

The lirst day of Spring brings out new mulch, new leaves, and a fresh bout of classroom daydreams, as evidenced in several students 
sleepy post-class expressions. 



Senior Quinn Br\ an promotes drinking. In a sate, legal 
way of course. 

junior Chad Vlartin is shocked 
when caught at his fa\'orite 'bar'. 

Sopiioniorc \ alerie Egel does her impression of a deer 

caui;ht m hfaJlights... eating pi//a. 

Freshman Kara Lake rebels and 
sqiiee/i."- the C harmin. 

I ^#fM' ■ '•' 

Junior Ben Me\ er i> a coke addict. 

Iiniior .\iid\ knoptmeier gets high off oi |o>e <_ iierMi. 


II - li:vc to ■•Inkc mil on 
\i>iir im n ^tjrt \ota ( .(fccv 
)()U n.ifif /() /)/( ;/)(■ /)/!,• 
Iinif. •. where nc 
( i>nu' in. Wi'if ihf hi^i^c-l 
njnw in /)f(j/('>.s/<)/ij/ ^cr- 
\ Kcs ,i/)(7 //i.)/ nicin-- uc 
/i.iw more opporUinilK"- 
,111(1 rc-.i>iin fs U) hflfj \ini 

Pricb/VaTerhouseQopers i 


\\ hfn IK hiui;cr hetk'r^ When it mcins urc.itcr rcsouries. more opportunity, and 
induNlrs .uK.inla'^cs to pro|X'i voiir c.irccr louanl mk ( ess. That's what you'll find 
at f'ru cwalcihoLiM'C oopers. ihc uorld s iircniicr ■-erxKfx organiza- 
tion. When sou |oin am ol our scrvici" lines, \()u'll have an opporlunit\ to partit- 
i(),ile in e\er\lhinu we do. We helii'\e in the (louer ot shared kno\\led«e. the 
al)ilit\ to innovate And worlds without boundaries. That's how we do business. 
■\ni] that s win we pLu e no limits on voui growth and slk eess. 

It \()u re re<id\ to t.ike vour r|uesl lor knowledi;e to the ne\t level, let's talk. 

ViNit our w(>bsite at: 

lust ( Ik k on "( .ireers" 

l'ri(cs\,il('rli<)iis('C (lopcrv is preucl to Ih' ,in e(]udl opportunilv emplovt 

I'i'lH Pruci^.ilrrhiiiis,^ ixj/.n'f^ HI' I'm rw ,ilfrhiiuse(A:K)iX'r-, n-lrrs lo ihc US oin,mi/,Uiim iti 

■■i i-\\.\lrrhiHi-f< .,'i«-i^ I 1 r .i!Ul nihvr nicmlx'r-. nl Ihc uorWun/c /'nc (•ii,)(,-f/),.i;s(''( . «i(»"v nr^.ini/.itini 

t's easy to see v-hy RCl has 
so much to offer ambitious 
college graduates. In a nut- 
^^ shell, RCl is the world's premier 
exchange company for the resort 
ndustry. The company is the 
globe's preeminent quality time- 
share services provider, with an 
unmatched range of products and 
services for resort affiliates and 
timeshare owners. Seven of every 
10 timeshare resorts worldwide are 
affiliated with RCl. Eight out of 
every 10 vacation exchanges are 
confirmed by RCl each year. 

ai^Ydyr Course 



As an industry leader, we're loolonj for quality college graduates to Wp Icecp us on top. 
Opportunities emst in many areas of the connpany, from nnartceting and customer servKt to 
accounbng and computer tedwiology So, rf you're the kind of person who seeks challenge 
and opportunity, look no (uither RCl Kas a bright future in store (of you! 

Send us your resume 


Human Retourcei 

350i Woodview TVac* 

Indianapolb, IN 46268-1104 D^l 

Fuc (317) 334-8379 IX.^— . 1. 

Infomution: (317) 871-9584 The World's Premier 

RCl IS an Equal Opportunity Empioyer Exchange Company" 



Indiana Precision Technology is a Tier 1 automotive manufacturer ol 
Electronic Fuel Injection Systems. Engine Control Units, SRS Air Bag 
control units, and Electronically actuated devices for Honda By 
employing state-of-th\e-an robotics technology, 
automated manufacturing technologies, manual 
and automated inspection processes, we deliver 
world-class products to our customers. 

While technology and equipment 
are important, our greatest asset is 
our Associates We are currently 
looking for Individuals with a ME or 
EE degree. Check out our axcHIng 
new internships and co-op programs 

Located only 21 miles east of 
Indianapolis, our Associates enjoy a 
generous benefits package, including 
medical, dental, vision, disability. 40 Ik 
and prollt-sharing plans, tuition 
reimbursement, and paid vacations. 
Interested candidates should fax 
their resume to: 

IPT Human Resources 

To learn more about us. visit our 

website at 

IPT Is an Equal Opportunity Employer 

Get Real experience 
and help others. 

AnicriCorp,s*\lSTA has thousands 
of positions avaihible NOW 

\^ lu-n you jv'in .-VnuTiiA'rii^ '\'lM.-\, yiui'll riin vmiIv 
improve your rc.^uinc-vou'Il improw the communiiv 
you sci-\v, 

.•\> an .•\mcnCoq->s''\ISr.-\ nu-nihcr, you niighi help ^I,lrI ,i 
youth center, .i job hank in ,i honicli.-.<s ■.holier, 
set up a literacy pri'ieci, or establish a Jomesiic violeni.e 
pro_>;rani and the list i;i>e^ on 

In return, vou'll gel .i I'; anil relocation allowance, 
he.illh c.ire, money lor vchool. .ind 
the satistaciion of helpmi; ■ ilwt-. 

io learn mi^re alx<ui tlv.s 

atui other .-\men(. oips 

op|xirtunities, call 


or \;sil our website .u 


One of your IllOSt 


is also one of ours... 



l.'.ipp;- ur l.i\ ^<i\..'i li.-ilci .mil k-miiik- uv 
Ihi' Principal i-'incincia! (;r()ii|)/C497l)l>tlr 

Human Ki.'m>iiivcs lniii|(i\iin.'nl Scr\ icon 

Dcs Monies. lA 5M>>: i::n 

l-8()(»-3S8-474() 11)1) 515-24S-(II5*> 

.M \ isil iHii inlL-iiK'l sill- .11 uu w \M ^oni\-!npiii\.'lil!ii 

\mrmali\i' Aiii()n/Kt|ual Opportiinit) lunpIoNtT 

Finding that perfect joh is iinportant for you, 
finding and keeping good employees 
is important to us. 

I lhU'> why The I'luiiipiil liiuiihitil ( inuip oJlcr> tin i.:\lcii<i\r 
hciulh jhh'kii\^i' Willi our iv/i/i/t'i ri> wvHhciii^i in iiiiiul. . \ \vcl!iic>< 
iftitcr, (I <!ih<iiii:cil nili'ii'nd. iiiiiLontiinini)^ altunlwii (ire iihl ii lew 
ol ihc iwlnis Hic Vi'iihiiHil Innuhuil C ;V(i((/» i)//rr>.. \> (//; iiiiciiuilhvuij 
iOiupiiuv with iiioiv ihiiii I /N \\\iy< o! cxpcvwihc iiiul Si\\J billion 
ill ii<H't> iiiulci nhi!iii\^cinont. //;r rnncipdl I iiiiiiuuil ( ii\'iip i< one 
ot the iuitioii'< ledileiy in Ihuineiol .-er; he>. We reeniit liilented people 
iind pio\'ule the tidinin^; aiul ieehnolo\iv ihev need to meet eii>ii^niei'< 
e\peetiition<. It vou're iniere>teil in eiireey opportimilies we iiniie 
wii to letini n;(i/"i- ol'tuit The I'nneipo! I uninehil i iioiip. 

Your cd^c oil the jiitiiic 


Finance Center Federal 


'Wfiere ^ Cations flips J^re Importantl 

Finance Center Federal Credit Union and Butler 

University hove worked together since 1 993 to provide 

challenging ennployment opportunities for Butler Students. 




Human Resources 
Information Systems 
Marl<eting and Operations 

Finance Majors 
Accounting Majors 

Part Time 

Enhance your education and resume with valuable 
hands-on experience. To learn more contact: 

Finance Center Federal Credit Union 

RO. Box 26501 

Indianapolis. IN 46226-0501 


31 7-543-5872 Fax 

Partfw with the Best. 

Best people. Best Jobs. Best service. 

Partner with 
inc. to help 
you find the 
that you are 
searching for. 

II ';,"' (I Personnel 
yjJCy Management, Inc. 


Call our IndianapoUs or 
Plainfield o/jfJce today for 
employment solutions. 




OUR MISSION \Vc help |>eo|il<- live longer, healUiier. happier lives. 

OUR VALUES FOR SUCCESS Respect for individuals ■ Imegriiy • 
Teajiiwork • Sense of urgency - Openness - Willingness lo embrace change. 

OUR GOAL Til hire great people to help iLs achieve our mission 

OUR LOCATIONS 4,100 stores in 25 .states east of tJ>e .\Ii.ssLssippi and 

tJie District uf Columbia. 

We at CVS recognize the hard work and dedication that has gotten you where 
you are today. By applying your skills within our exciting organization, you 
will benefit from a professional environment that is supportive and progres- 
sive. And our benefiLs are among the most comprehensive in the industr>' .-uid 
include competitive salaries, mcdical/dental/lifc/'disabilily insunuice, 401(k), 
profit sharing, ESOP and much more! Relocation and sign on bonus packages 
are available for full-time positions. 

If you are interested in a career (not jitst ajob) and would like to learn more 
about a position witli C\'S, please send/fitx your resume and s;Uary histor>' to: 
CVS, Joyce Collins, 2800 Enterprise St., Indianapolis, IN 10219. 
Fax: (.317) .).'> 1 -.30.1 1 . Phone: (.317) .3.'Jl-3024. Kmiiil: 



An affirmative actioa'equal opportunity err.ployet 




acist with America's 'ciding drugstore cham. you'll have the 
opportunity to share m the Good Fortune of the $15 billion retail drug 
industry leader white experiencing the excitement of a whole new era in 
pharmaceutical technology. AtWalgrcens. we strive to provide a canng and 
professional work environment for our pharmacists, creating a place where 
people can grow personally and professionally 

We offer our Pharmacists: 

• A promising future with a static companf 

• A competitive surting salary 

• Industry-leading benefits package, including mapr mcdical/dcnul/lifc insurance, 
long-term disability 

• Profit sharing and stock options plans 

Take stock in our good fortune and ensure a rewarding future! Ca'l or 
send a rcsurr^c to Dawn DiLullo. R. Ph., Manager. Pharmacy 
Relations.Walgrcen Co,. Personnel Recruitment Dept.. 200Wilmot 
Rd.,#2l98.Dccrfield.lL 600 I 5-46 16. Ph: I -800-274-0085. Fax: (847) 
9 1 4-2333. E-mail: Walgrecns 
promotes and supports a drug-free workplace. Equal Opportunity Employer 


Guess Who's Redefining the Industry? 

Pharmacy Corporation of America and Capstone 
Pharmacy Services have joined to form PharMerica. 

Specializing in innovative pharmacy 


services to skilled nursing, 
sub-acute, assisted living 

d'-e environments. 

Indianapolis. Indiana 





TIntotif.Jf.wftry& Ftnf Gifts 

From our little corner of the wtirid at 56th and Illinois, we bring \c>u jewelr\' and 
fine gifts from all around the globe. 

Our showrooms are full of some of the most beautiful, enchanting and 
mesmerizing merchandise you'll find anywhere. 

Custom Design Specialists 
In-house Manufacturers 
Fabrication of 18k. Ijk and Platinum 
Buyer & Seller of Estate Jcvvelr)' 
■\ntique Jewelr) and 
\X'atch Restoration 
Kxclusive Designer Jc\velr\' 
Bridal Rcgistr\- 

• Corporate Gifts 

• Complete Repairs 

• Appraisal Seniccs 

• Engraving 

• Bead Stringing 

• Vtatch Repair 

• Open Weekdays and Saturdays 
Thursdays 'til "^-.^O 

Butler University Students Receive a Discount 

5609 North Illinois Streli 

Indianapolis, Indiana 46208 





Oakbrook Village is the hot spot in Indy tor luxury apartment 

living' We offer great amenities like whirlpool, sauna, steam baths 

exercise equipment, tennis courts, pool & more' 

Student discounts' 



CALL 293-5041 f=> 

62nd & GEORGETOWN :^Tir. 

St. Vincent 

Hotel an<d Confererice Center 

2801 W SbthSlreft 

Indianapolis, IN 46260 

(317)872-4in • (SOO) 736-5634 

Offenng very special rales and group discounts to Butler University and 

Guests of Butler University! 15 minutes from campus Please call our 

Sales Department for reservations and details 

(317) 413-5222 • Fax (317) 415-5244 

' IndcOT Pool & fitness Center 
• 176 Guest Rooms 
' Piccard's Restaurant 

Sterling Lounge 
Ballroom ^ Meeting Facilities 
' Ruth Lilly Conference Facility 


Good Luck 


University Students 

and continued success in 
reaching your life goals! 

^ lUNRP 

^'Bc Indianapolis 




A Tradition 

of Family Ser\'icc 

Since IS9S 

Oilcring Insurance-Funded Pre-Arranged 
Funeral Proorams 

The Family to turn to when Your Fciniil} 
Seeds Help 

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Winona Memonal Hospital 

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Broad Ripple. Clcarwoter and Carmcl 

CongraLulaLions Lo the Graduates o{ '99! 

848* S» 848 



Honeywell, Inc. 

Helping You Control Your World 

Honeywell Inc. and Butler University have 
been business partners for over 30 years. 
We are proud to be associated with this 
institution in helping to provide a conducive 
learning environment for students. As a 
long term partner we look forward to our 
continued commitment in helping Butler 
University to maintain a safe and 
comfortable environment. 

Honeywell, Inc. 

9355 Delegates Row 

Indianapolis, IN 46240 




Established 1969 
Commercial and Industrial Electrical Construction 

A Butler University 
Partner in Construction 

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Vice President 
General Manager 

Civil Engineering ~ Land Surveys ~ Site Design 

Proud to Serve the Electrical 
Needs of Butler University 

Milter Eads 


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Codlings, f i ic. 

1 101 

E. 30th St., Indianapolis, IN 46205 
Ph. 1-317-926-341 1 

Installers of the IHSAA, NCAA, US National Hardcourt 
and Butler University Championship Tennis Surface 



Verkler Incorporated is proud to have 
played a part in the development and 
construction of Atherton Union, Jordan Hall, 
and The Butler Bookstore. This cooperative 
effort on the part of the students and 
Administration shows the importance of 
establishing a solid foundation for the future 
of Butler University. Verkler Incorporated 
believes in helping to build the futures of our 
clients and friends. We are excited to have 
participated in yours. 

Atherton Union, Butler University 

Verkler incorporated. 7240 Georgetown Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268 (317) 297-7054 
Verkler Incorporated, 4406 Technolooy Drwe, South Bend, IN 46628 (219) 232-5801 

The Freije Company 


6450 Guion Roa(J 

Indianapolis, IN 46268 

(317) 291-6130 • FAX (317) 297-7618 

Electrical and Mechanical design 

ar\d construction including 

electrical plumbing, heating, 

a\r conditioning, refrigeration, 

and general piping work 

24 Hour Service Department 
Commercial and Industrial 

The Freije Company appreciates 

the opportunities we have had to work 

with Butler University. 


Building Systems & Services 


3936 Pendleton Way 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46226 

In-state Only (800) 356-2394 

Bufkf il Illy miff 





I A N A 



2425 E NEW YORK ST INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46201 317/631-9211 



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24-Hour Towing 


^ hest Wishes 

Zo Zhe 


Class Of 1999 



Shell Auto Care 

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Butler University 

Graduates of 


Best of Luck in 

Your Future 


Thinking of you. 


(Coni.r of l-«l5 (^ Krv,t™,c Ave ) 

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(Jiul Soutli of Grtn.wooJ Ru-L Mill) 

1301 ('? 31 Soutli, Gr^.woocl IN 3 1 7-8t*5-4«)0 1-800-315-2258 









OFFICE (317) 632-9494 

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"SINCE 1955" 













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^^< ^^^H ^^^^ 

(jo/?yra/c//a//ons a/2(/Soes/ o/j!j>i/cy? 
/o /Ae S(J{///(^r SracA/a/es o/ '^^Z' 

11815 Technology Drive • Fishers, IN 46038 
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Boise Cascade 
Office Products 

6800 East 30th Street 
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We would like to eotigratulate the 
flutter Uftlversitij class of 1999 
and wish them luck /// the future. 


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612N D«lawaf»St 2001-1 E Greyhound Pass 

Indph IN 46204 Camwl 46032 

636-5040 843-2030 


Mon - Fn 10 to 9, Sat 10 to 6. Sun 12 to 5 
Downtown Hours Men - Fn 8 to 7, Sal 10 to 6, Sun 12 to 5 



Locally Owned & Operated Since 1946 
"No Other Company Represents Us" 

9702 E. 30th Street 

Best Wishes Class of 1999! 

Indy's First Exclusive Honda Automobile Dealership 

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"Congratulations To The 
Class Of '99" 

We support 
Butler University! 



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- Preventative Maintenance ("PM") Service 

- LPM Pans tor All Makes & Models of Lift Trucks 

- Hydraulic Cylinder Repair 

- Electric Motor Rebuilding 

- SCR and EV-1 Service - (Complete Conversions to GE SCR) 

- Industrial Battery Reconditioning / New Battery & Charger Sales 

- LP Gas Conversions 

- Tire Replacement (Solid and Pneumatic) Portable Tire Pressing 

- All Make Hand Pallet Truck Repair / New Pallet Truck Sales 

4420 Airport Expresswsy 

P.O. Box 2-4Sg 

Indianapolis, IN -46206 

487-1 400 FAX: 487-1414^ 




8032 N. Stole Rood 9 

Greenfield, IN 46140 


Advertising Specialists 

and Consultants 


professional sales 

and service support 

for University and 

College Yearbooks, 


Abstaining from parties, working all weekend, concentrat- 
ing on nothing but getting out a stellar yearbook, we 
came to be called... 


he Drift staff 

Well, ok... so we drank all weekend, did nothing but party, and rarely if ever 
even remembered that 'yearbook thing'... only at the end of the year did a 
distressed David Clark (our administrative advisor) manage to instill some 
sense of urgency to our efforts. (That's not entirely true; Tara was a consistent 
photographer, and Chad never, t'c't'r let the Editors-in-chief forget that things 
weren't getting done ~ foretelling tales of doom that almost equaled a certain 
person's — we'll call him "Jeff" ~ also never let us forget). All in all, however, 
this was the year of pro- 
crastination; and we 
were proud to take it to 
a new level. We were 
also proud that, despite 
the fact, this yearbook 
still sucks a whole 
helluva' lot less than 
last year's. 

(left to right) Robb Minich, the 
mysterious Swamp Creature, 
and Chad Martin pretend to edit 
some copy that really they just 
held up to pretend like they were 
doing something. Immediately 
following the picture they 
brought the kegs back out, and 
the ladies of the evening came 
back into the room. Oh, then 
Missy and Tara and Roxy came 
back, too. 


(Clockwise trom topiChad Mar- 
tin, Tara Deters, and Roxy Kish 
pick out photos; Tara, Chad, 
Miss\- \'ates, and Robb Minich 
after a long night of drinking (uh... 
just those of us that were 21. 
Miss\^'ates thinks up some more 
captions that Martin and Minich 
will end up tossing anvhow; the 
entire group huddles around the 


...And so, like sands through the hourglass (uh.... what?), those were the days of our lives. Though 
the days of college ended with the vear of 1999 for some, and were only the beginning of a college 
career for others, the experiences were the same for everyone: Ultimately, unforgettable. The task 
of creating a portrait that accurately captures the entirety of such a time is impossible, but with this 
in mind, the Drift has still strived to do as much as possible. There are many things that have 
changed on the small campus of Butler University even in the course of this year; for the seniors, 
the differences are even greater. The college experience is not what it used to be; but then again, th 
college experience in even five years will not be what it was for us. The currents of time swirl on 
with or without us; whether or not we choose to ride out the rapids lies in our own hands. 

Dedicated to the Class of 1 999. 

^Ae ^e^lnmn^...